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HOUSTON - November 16 - FAN Reports/Pics/Videos


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What's the estimated capacity for this place?

When the Astros sell out, they get 42,000. There were some blocked sections but only 3 or so. With the floor crowd and how crammed we were, I would say 42,000-46,000.

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Guest Pud Whacker
Most probably she forgot that, I bet she can't even remember the BA. Just like her lyrics and her good old songs-


write down the sticky and sweet set list. sing all the songs...when you get to the request section, shoot me a pm and ill give you a request. then you can sing that one. then you have two more songs to finish? ill let you leave costume changes and dance routines out. lets see how we do!!!!


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Ok my breakdown:

Venue- Packed. She could have easily have done Reliant Stadium( 70,000).

She seemed pleased with Houston. She smiled alot.

I was so close I could see her eye color.

Candy Shop- loved it. Esp the "My sugar is raw".

Beat Goes On- Good.

Human Nature- Eh. Her voice sounded terrible.

Vogue- Excellent. Crowd went nuts.

Into the Groove- Crowd loved it. She sounded very good. There was playback but you could hear her singing over it. A few people next to me gasped when she hit the high notes and said "Wow".

Heartbeat- Ok

Boderline- LOVED IT. So did the crowd. She sounded good as well. Love the rock version.

She's Not Me- Improbably one of my highlights. Loved it. It works so well in a concert. Her voice was strong on it.

Music- Everyone loved.

Devil- Her voice wasn't as strong on this but the visuals were a highlight for most.

Spanish Lesson- Should have been cut for an older song.

Miles Away- liked it but her voice was not as strong on it as I have seen her do before.

La Isla Bonita- HOLY SHIT. Love love LOVED it. Incredible energy. Incredible production. Incredible mix. Everyone went ape-shit over this. This really got the crowd going.

You Must Love Me- She did good. I screamed my head off when things went silent so she could hear me. I screamed "Sing it! so loud. As stated early, she winced when she hit a sour note( I didn't hear it). She finished it strong with the nice extended note.

4 Minutes- her voice was stronger on this than I have seen on some Youtube clips. Very nice.

Like A Prayer- great rave-ish performance. Towards the end her voice was giving out but she held on.

Ray of Light- ummm her voice was shot for most of this. Crowd love it though. Got everyone jumping.

Hung Up- I liked the rock version. So did most people around me.

GI2M- Nice finish. Crowd was very into it.

There was a very eclectic mix of fans. Young, Old, Straight( alot), Gay, hillbilly( yes, when I was waiting for Lesbi to by a shirt, this 50ish old redneck and his wife were talking to a couple about rock bands, who he had seen and talking country music then saying how excited they were to see Madonna).

All of downtown Houston was one big Madonna party. All the pubs, restaurants, clubs and bars had Madonna music blaring. Customers were lined up at one upstairs restaurant watching the people stream out of MMP as the restaurant was blaring Beautiful Stranger.

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The Concert Was Amazingggggggggg!

Highlights for me were Like a Prayer, Vogue, Heartbeat, Shes Not Me, and Give it to Me!!!

The energy in the crowd was awesome! Good Job Houston!!! This was my sisters first Madonna concert and she lOOOOOOOOOved it!

Here are a couple of pics!










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I had a great time! I finally got to meet some of my Madonna friends! Here is a picture of a few MadonnaNationers...


That's my friend Patricia, she does not post here but is a visitor, followed by Mirwais72, Lesbi (me) and Jamesshot!

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Guest heartmadonna.

yeah when did she say :wheres the party: was dumb??

thanks for the pics and vids i love the request part, secret was a good choice

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Here is a picture of Jamesshot and myself at The Meridian Pre-Party....with a group of Madonna look-a-likes!


We also found Katy Perry there..lol.


Here is Jamesshot drunk!


Here I am with Jamesshot before the concert!


Jamesshot and Madonna!


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Ummm did anyone notice where that girls hand is on me?

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL at Katy Perry! Too funny Lesbi.

Everyone, forgive my braces. Ugh. Thank you, Eddie, for posting!

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I had a great time! I finally got to meet some of my Madonna friends! Here is a picture of a few MadonnaNationers...


That's my friend Patricia, she does not post here but is a visitor, followed by Mirwais72, Lesbi (me) and Jamesshot!

:brenspin: I'm so glad she finally returned to your home state again!

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So I got to the venue around 7:45 and for some reason they only had a few doors open for people to go inside.

It was madness! people pushing etc. So I get inside and look around and just soak it all in that I was at the show.

It felt so awesome to be surrounded by all these Madonna lovers ..I can't describe it.

Anyway so I figured she was going to go on late so I went to get some beer. $11 for a 24oz!!! ugh

Then I made my way down to the floor. I was in section M row 13 pretty decent seats and there was this really cute boy in front of me he had 2 Madonna tattoos on each arm. One was of the true blue cover and the other was the Erotica cover. I saw a porta-potty right across the way and I was like oh good now I don't have to go all the way upstairs, but it was only for "the crew".

They had a DJ come out and play some songs for a while and when he finally left people started screaming I guess because they thought she was about to come on. And a while after he left 2 people came out on the stage and I was thinking oh dear she is not coming haha but they just wanted to pump the crowd up and signaled for everyone to clap and yell. So when the lights finally did go out it was awesome you could feel the magic in the air. I got goosebumps when the intro started haha

After she sang Music I had to pee really bad so I went upstairs and then I went out to the "smoking area" to have a quick puff. It was so hilarious they had this tiny section outside but it was gated and it was like all the smokers were caged animals haha. When I went back in I walked down to the floor and I decided to be sneaky and walk further. Well lucky me because nobody was watching at the time and I made it all the way up to section H (I think) I just know it was way closer than my section. I stood next to some girl for a few songs and when she finally warmed up to me being next to her we started clapping and jumping around together it was great. I kept looking at Madonna and then the screens like rotating between the 2.

When she started singing Hung Up I decided to go back to my regular seat because I knew Give it 2 me was coming up.

The show was great and I liked it better than Re-invention and drowned. The streets were pure madness after the show it was fun and crazy. I could hear people singing and talking about the show and how amazing it was. I am really glad the Texas audience proved to her that we missed her here. hopefully she comes back and does other cities as well for her next tour.

By the time I got back to the hotel it was like 12:15 and I was really tired and hungry, but I forced myself to go out to the bar. Once I got to the place I felt better me and my friend went to the Montrose Mining Co. I did wanna go to South Beach since they were having the after Madonna party thing, but the line was out of control. Soooo that was my Madonna night and it was fabulous.

Oh ya! I forgot ..while we were waiting outside the hotel for a cab this man came up to me and asked if I went to the show so I was all yes. He then pulled out M's heart glasses and said I caught them!! I was like omg that is so awesome and his gf said she started crying because she was so happy haha. He let me hold them to check them out. So I thought that was pretty cool.


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Guest northernlad

oh cool, thanks for the "Secret" vid. I've always thought it was a missed opportunity for the end of the no bollocks sect. of ct

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Madonna Look-a-Like contestants at the Meridian!

Contestants #1 (duo) Roberta and Susan (20 years later.... :demonic: )


Contestant #2 Lucky Star


Contestant #3 Like a Virgin


Contestant #4 Claimed to look like Madonna from Ray of Light...???


Contestant #5 Hard Candy


AGAIN with Jamesshot


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fabulous pics guys!!!

HOUSTON WAS FUCKING AWESOME! Ill post pics tomorrow...but everything was amazing. The crowd was awesome and she was really interactive and smiley the whole night.

2 guys behind my lit a joint during Human Nature - so it was really cool to get stoned while M was performing!

Everything about it was magical! It was so great seeing her in Texas and I think the crowd let her know she was truly missed all those years!

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Guest TheJoker

She was over two hours late hitting the stage!

The stage itself was smaller then what many fans sitting near me were used to. A few fans in floor B paid several thousand each for their first row tickets and felt ripped off becuase they had obstructed views of the stage!

Our tickets were 2nd row in floor B but we were lucky since our seats were #7 and #8 so we could see around the curtain at the edge of the stage. Definitely not worth what I paid though. :(

Luckily, my camera has great optical zoom so i snapped some cool pics.

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