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NEW YORK CITY - October 11 - FAN Reports/Pics/Videos


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Out of the 3 NY shows I went to I would say the Saturday show was by far the best. It was my first time on the floor for Madonna and it was like seeing her for the first time. It’s an entirely different experience on the floor. It was my second S&S show and it blew my fucking mind. It’s like the music is coming right at you and hitting you directly. You feel it go through your body. For someone who normally doesn’t move at a concert, I have to admit I was moving considerably more. For the most part I didn’t realize I was, but every now and then I would catch myself and be like, “What the fuck?” I also didn’t expect to be as close to her as I was. Seeing her do her thing up close is definitely magical. I had seen her perform closer up when she performed at Tower Records, but even that can’t compare to a full out Madonna extravaganza. Also, having Pharrell show up made it an even more special night. I don’t think I will ever get seats off the floor again. Unless of course I’m going to a bunch of different dates and have floor seats for some of them. I was on the floor for Sunday’s show as well and had a seat more centered than the night before, but also about 4 rows further back, but I’d still say it was a better view. However, the view was great on Saturday as well and that show impacted me more, so that stands out as my favorite of the 3 I went to. It’s hard to pick favorite performances, but I’ll go with: Into The Groove, Like A Prayer, She’s Not Me, Spanish Lesson, La Isla Bonita, Devil Wouldn’t Recognize You, You Must Love Me, Give It 2 Me, Borderline & The Beat Goes On. The show is exhilarating, but that should go without saying when speaking of Madonna.

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give me the mic back kelly









here are some video clips. they are short and not very good but I tried. it was so hard to record. I just didnt want to that much. I was trying real hard to keep my camera DOWN.

<- beat goes on. madonna gives pharrell a kiss at the very last second

Wow. Huge thanks.

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