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AMSTERDAM - 2nd Sept - FAN report/pics/video


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OHHHHH FUCKIN PLZ....stop defending her soul-less self centered shows,,,their so boringly predicatable....shitty ass song picks,same scripted dialog with the crowd,4 acts,political and kabbalh shit video interludes,songs being reworked' and the more than predictable friggin screen coming down over her and her dancers at the end with some pathetic ass phrase,,,"re-invent yourself" "have u confessed' and now "game over" its no SURPRISE OR WONDER she wasnt named one of the best live acts of alltime,,,,,

this fucktard is clearly on his period :lmao:

are you really thick as pig shit, i despise madonna and her shit shows yet i know every detail of every act of every tour of the last 10 years :lmao:

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'I should take you guys on the road with me!'

Madonna played the fifth show of the Sticky & Sweet Tour at the Amsterdam ArenA on Tuesday night, a great show, with some mistakes which made it a little bit more special for fans!

madonnalicious attended the show and noted that Madonna appeared to be far more chatty than at the Cardiff show. Obviously the crew are getting more comfortable with the show as they perform it for the fans.

During Human Nature Madonna messed up the lyrics and jokingly yelled at the crowd infront of the catwalk that 'You guys made me mess up!'. During Into The Groove she gave a quick speech saying she was going to do some special double-dutch skipping for Amsterdam, and some feet got tangled in the ropes but the dance carried on - later she said to the crowd: 'Just because I f*cked up my jump rope, doesn't mean you can f*ck up your singing' just before she got the crowd to sing the song.

Obviously impressed with the crowd during the Express Yourself sing-along Madonna said: 'I should take you guys on the road with me!'

Here are some fan reports from the show - to read the full versions visit the Amsterdam Fan Reviews page.

From Divamayday:

Madonna looked fabulous and rested and you could she she really enjoyed it herself.

She was so into it that she made mistakes with her words about three times. She even said to the audience you make me mess up my words!

Madonna talked to her audience quite alot and said it was the best crowd so far. When Vogue started it just went to the next level. The new version was amazing, simple and clean but strong and powerful.

I went home after the show and I kept thinking what the hell did I see, it was so much and I already forgot half of it. Just today I realised what this woman did. She let everybody know that she's not done yet and has energy of 10 people.

From Stef:

She took time to interact with the crowd asking if we had a suggestion for a song we would like to hear. Then she said 'What about Happy Birthday for me?!' Everybody cheered and sang to her.

Madonna also made a few jokes, she sang a few lines of Express Yourself and then she said 'Don’t you just hate men who can’t express themselves and then you get hung up on them?' Then the song (rock version with her on the guitar) of Hung Up came.

From Tom:

This tour was very different then the last one in my opinion. It was clean, less polished. Her voice wasn't that much supported and the band seems more like a band instead of a tape. And I like that. It was back to basic and her voice sounded great!

M spoke, yelled, ooo-ed and aaah-ed and tried to make contact with the crowd from the beginning. So, either she listened to the critics and really tried to make it work or she was just in a good mood. She 'shined' the whole evening.

She said 'You are the best crowd so far' and you could see that she meant that and it was her own doing.

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She's cool.

If you compare her to Prince or MJ they dont talk to the crowd.

Apart from Madge my other fave is Bjork, she only ever says 'thank you' It doesnt ruin the show.

prince doesn´t talk to the crow "with words", but he uses his eyes, his face expression...a lot of things to "talk" to the people, and believe me, it works, and it makes you feel that he´s talking to you .And of course, he changes the songs...and the shows are different one from the other

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Sticky & Sweet Tour: Amsterdam Fan Pictures - Part 3

Here are some more fan shot pictures from the Amsterdam Sticky & Sweet show on Tuesday 02 September - these were taken by madonnalicious reader Isabelle.



Sticky & Sweet Tour: Amsterdam Fan Pictures - Part 4

madonnalicious reader Patricia captured this picture of a fierce-looking Madonna as she performed at the Amsterdam ArenA last Tuesday.


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Sticky & Sweet Tour: Amsterdam Fan Pictures - Part 5

madonnalicious readers Ronny and Danielle too these great shots of Madonna at the Amsterdam ArenA show on Tuesday 02 September.



Sticky & Sweet Tour: Amsterdam Fan Pictures - Part 6

This set of fabulous pictures by madonnalicious reader materialcowboy completes the Amsterdam Sticky & Sweet Tour gallery.

You can view all the currently uploaded tour pictures in the gallery here. A big thanks to everyone who has sent in pictures so far, madonnalicious is working at gradually putting them all online soon.





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