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  1. @Jazzy Jan My favourite part is how Peta Credlin and the Sky News bullshit artists all learn the same "lesson" from these defeats: that the conservatives, after being rejected for parties to the left of them on the political spectrum, need to go further to the right
  2. https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2022/oct/05/energy-networks-garnered-10bn-in-supernormal-profits-from-consumers-in-eastern-australia These "unprecedented times" provide the perfect cover for companies to absolutely gouge the pockets of everyday people.
  3. That's why I'm so glad voting is compulsory in Australia. It means elections are won here by appealing to the middle rather than extremes. In the most recent election, politicians pitching to conspiracy theorist alt-right loonies actually ended up worse off than before.
  4. Thanks for sharing, @Jazzy Jan every single one of these women standing in solidarity with that poor girl who was killed is a hero in my eyes
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