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  1. I wish some kind of leader would unite teachers across America to go on strike until either gun laws are passed or every teacher in the country gets an extra 100K of hazard pay per year.
  2. Yeah but watch the media start to rehabilitate his image so that he's a kind hearted family man who loves puppies and the footy. The Guardian of all newspapers (!) has already started this morning with an article mentioning his "his more compassionate side" where his colleagues paint him as a friend of the poor. https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2022/may/22/peter-dutton-firms-as-next-liberal-leader-amid-fight-over-future-of-the-party
  3. Friends, Morrison is GONE! And surprised by South-east QUEENSLAND of all places turning Green - guess I'm not the only one who was very spooked by the floods we had this year. Combined with teal climate independents making it in (fucking BYE Josh Frydenburg), Australia has FINALLY realised the urgency needed to tackle climate change.
  4. I completely agree, and if Labor win, expect them to be a one term government, hounded out of office by a rabid media that treat every minor thing as an earth-shaking scandal. Labor needs to go for the jugular with the rabid right wing in Australia, starting with a royal commission into the robodebt suicides and a federal corruption investigation committee.
  5. America was smart enough to dump Trump after one term. We've given THREE elections in a row to awful conservative governments! There'd better not be a fourth time lucky for them...
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