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  1. Well with the Pope and the global head of the Catholic Church it’s not surprising
  2. That is so kind of you thank you very much! I do love coming in here and love the fact we can all debate, joke, express and even disagree because that’s what life’s all about! Sending you love from Nottingham England ! X
  3. 50 50 I’d say. The Queen was hugly loved even by the republicans, King Charles not so much. But William and Kate are very popular.
  4. No they’ve kept that quite Harry is flying over to see him and William will be taking on official duties for the monarch for the time being
  5. I understand where you’re coming from. But I think you want people to declare a position one way or another, even Madonna, but not everyone wants to or feels a need to. Some people just want a peaceful resolution and no murder or destruction without being fiercely on one side or another. Can’t we just be anti war and anti conflict without being pro Palestine or pro Israel?
  6. That is true but it was once in 1000 years of British royal family history. In Britain the tradition is you are the monarch for your whole life. I respect they give it up for younger people but in Britain it’s believed it is your duty for your whole life.
  7. Where I’m from you are the monarch until your last breath. No retirement is possible but I wish the former Queen well.
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