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  1. But now it appears they have launched missiles that have landed in Poland causing damage and killing people. He is loosing and getting frustrated. I can see WW3 by the end of the month if NATO get together and Poland plan a counter attack. Of course everyone involved in NATO will do their best to avoid it terrified of nuclear weapons.
  2. More like it !! Looks like the path for fishy rishi is clearing oh God what bunch of muppets there are for this bloody contest.
  3. Let’s hope so but that snake won’t miss a sodding chance.
  4. It’s just been reported Borris has the backing of 100 MOs so he will be on the ballot paper next week if he wants it… So that’s Mr.no tax paid for yonks or Mr. Overseeing boozy and nibbles in a lock down You have to love the tories……not!!!!
  5. I still think it does matter. Had the stuff about his wife not paying tax for years not been revealed and the public turning, he would of hands down won the leadership race not Liz truss. But the tories knew the bad press he had got because of it and it stinks of entitlement and a tad of corruption so it wouldn’t work for a PM……they were replacing Borris because of his behaviour so replacing with another who’s behaviour had been called so publicly into question (association wig no tax wifey) wouldn’t of made sense. I don’t think it’s all forgotten now. I don’t think they will vote him in.
  6. Stranger things have happened with the tories! Trouble with Sunak is the public turned when we found out wifey hasn’t paid tax for yonks.
  7. Apparently Borris is putting himself forward for the leadership contest next week.
  8. There’s plenty of images of King George and The Queen Mother in the blitz in history books written about WW2. I remember seeing them at school. There are plenty of documentaries made that discuss the King and Queen going out during the war and the blitz. All very well documented in history books. So therefore I don’t think it’s that much of a stretch the Queens address will get a mention in British history books when they write about covid.
  9. You do by making the comment I replied to
  10. Entertainment created because of history. Films, documentaries, books, Netflix series countless things have been created about the British royal family.
  11. it’s hardly nonsense the Spanish royal family are no where near as famous as the British royal family.
  12. I’m sure The Queens national address when covid happened will be written in the history books in Britain when the time comes and it’s written about. The Spanish monarchy isn’t written or followed half as much as the British monarchy. It never has been. I highly doubt the King of Spain’s funeral will get 11 millions viewers in America or that Netflix’s would do a series about the King of Spain’s reign.
  13. They’ll be plenty of things coming up regarding the Queen. The Crown itself is one of Netflix’s biggest shows followed by people globally and it’s all about Elizabeth’s reign.
  14. I’m not stupid I was just replying and making the point Victoria did nothing but is very much remembered today Elizabeth did nothing and ….. will be remembered as well (in my humble opinion). Im not pulling your leg I was genuinely replying hun.
  15. Victoria did NOTHING in her years she was merely a witness as well. There’s the example.
  16. I have not once said I respect her or love her none of the sort in any of my posts. I don’t believe in elitism or that people are born better! But we are discussing historic relevance and people in history books here.
  17. The world has totally changed in Elizabeth’s reign. The country or Britain has totally changed beyond recognition. She reigned over that.
  18. You said yourself Victoria did nothing, which in essence is true, But she existed as a Queen and had a mighty long reign. That was enough. Let’s not pretend just people who do important things are remembered. Kim Kardashian will be remembered.
  19. What’s the relevance of anybody in history ? Its all subjective. But certain people are more catapulted to a place over others. Diana for instance for her untimely death has sealed much of her place and continued fascination in history. The Queen for living such a long life and obtaining the longest reign of any female monarch. Might not be much to some it’s everything to others. To some Diana was a saintly woman who tried to save the world to others she was a designer dress who married a prince. Doesn’t change her place in history and the fact she will be remembered.
  20. Her father hardly let the U.K the Queen was the most travelled monarch she was everywhere hence she is far more known than her father ever was. The Queen was arguably the most famous woman in the world. Or certainly one of them.
  21. Maybe not good things to you, but still things she will be remembered for. What did Queen Victoria do? Nothing really she was merely a figure head same as Elizabeth 2nd but she is very much remembered. her name defined an entire era. It’s too early to call out how she will be remembered but they’ll be memorials popping up all the place and plenty written about her in the immediate years to come. To say she won’t be remembered no one cares which are the comments I was replying to are simply rubbish.
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