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  1. The whole Madame X concept/imagery could have been done way better, remember this excitement when she posted cutting the apple and we thought it has a secret meaning? And the idea of each song representing different persona, different videos for each etc.... In the end we got all unconnected weird personas in the trailer and in the Medellin video with super dark "Gang Bang-ish" intro and then "Spanish Lesson" kind of song. How the dancing, wedding and horse riding is connected to this amazing chilly intro? "I will never be what society expects me to be. I have seen too much. I cannot tu
  2. I wonder what actually happened with Faz Gostoso as obviously without any video or special promo it was the biggest streaming success, just imagine if they recorded a video, perfect for summer and Spanish markets. It seems she somehow wasn't that eager to promote the song or she didn't care about it. Even the fact of collaboration with Anitta is strange itself.
  3. I remember how I just started to cry when the rainbow flag appeared in the back and I totally didn’t expect this.
  4. That would be a dream come true! IDSIF is my fave M's track since it came out, so COADF meets Erotica. I wish there was a video with secret agent theme and some choreo
  5. Nice, but we can find these pics in the tourbook, in the tour VIP book, we’ve seen it on Instagram, I think somewhere else as well. And looks like Vogue Germany photoshoot from few years back...
  6. I wonder if signed Madame X vinyl is going to be in the pop up store in NYC it will be in the tour shop as well...
  7. This song is fire Future > Soltera > I Rise > Medellin > Crave
  8. Not everyone is coming to the future, not everyone is learning from the past
  9. When do you think the song is going to be released? I hope for midnight Spotify release
  10. I usually hate to be the one complaining when it comes to the things that I’m excited about, but maybe it’s that I expect the best from her. It’s exciting that something is finally happening with new music, but I am disappointed with the quality of the teasers on her instastories. I hoped for a decent promotion and anticipation and it seems with every era it’s getting less professional, consistent and creative. Anyways, can’t wait for the release! It’s been a long time since we had no leaks and major spoilers
  11. Hahahahah Btw - I just checked out Anitta's Veneno - it's pretty good, I don't get the hate. Let's wait for their collaboration and then judge, they might surprise us
  12. Isn't the last column "My approval" or something? Does it mean it is done?
  13. So, if they were mixing the album a week ago what does it mean production-wise? What is left to do?
  14. Ah, that makes sense now It's so easy to get too excited just months before the new album
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