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  1. peter

    Your new profile photo!! :wow: :inlove: xoxo

    1. Bill


      Aww I’m glad you like it!

    2. peter


      Of course! Love it — love you! Have missed you a bit! Good to see you around the forum a little more... (Also jealous of your haircut! I haven’t been able to get mine cut since February... so it is an unruly mane right now! Yours looks so clean and sleek! So handsome!) Happy belated birthday, by the way! I hope you were still able to find ways to celebrate, despite the challenging circumstances. Take care, Bill, and don’t be a stranger! xo

    3. Bill


      Thank you my friend. Love you too and to be honest that pic is pre-pandemic so my haircut isn’t quite as sleek right now since I’m cutting it myself 😂 I had a very nice birthday though, thank you for the wish!  It’s really nice to hear from you and I’ve found a lot of comfort in being more active here with some of my long time friends still posting. ❤️

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