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  1. Vogue: Integrating the Madame X theme to the intro of Vogue was genius and got me hyped up. I just wish there was more choreo instead of mainly walking around and having someone to hold your leg up. She rarely sings this song live so maybe she didn't want to do that much choreo to focus more on singing stably. American Life: Great to see her perform songs she rarely does. Very appropriate for the situation and the crowd seemed to enjoy it. God Control: Definitely the highlight. Nothing more to be said really. Overall, I'm not crazy about the show but it was obviously miles better than her previous performance. She seemed to really be in her element and I think that makes all the difference. I'm hoping she does more performances before the tour starts.
  2. Uk fans, you were supposed to close the deficient, not the opposite. Yikes, you usually could rely on UK to have Madonna's back. If anything, I expected her to be #1 in UK and #2 in US so this is all just shocking.
  3. Yeah...this is my favourite Madame X song.
  4. https://www.facebook.com/reallycoolgif/videos/370189363622356/?v=370189363622356
  5. Faves: Ciao Bella, God Control, I Don't Search I Find (I sense a trend here) Least: Crazy
  6. I prefer this version but I can understand why ppl like the demo more.
  7. She's making music that we never imagined she'd do. How can anyone not admire that? Batuka is so otherworldly. Futuristic but primal at the same time. That brief ending with the ragged viola is haunting.
  8. Ugh the part when it's all chill and she says "sometimes I feel.......happy" and the instrumental kicks in again. What a beautiful song
  9. Yes except there is a male vocalist who sings in an African (?) language. Musically, Ciao Bella is like a sad counterpart to I Don't Search I Find. Overall, it's very atmospheric and has a pensive mood. Have you ever been to the land where you can find yourself? Have you ever been to a place where you can rest yourself? All the noise just disappears Rain will wash away the sadness All our lives we work in vain for a little touch of grace
  10. It's like a trippy, house song. Love it. She does this sound so well.
  11. I'm listening to the song right now and my jaw is on the floor. Totally wasn't expecting the disco vibe!
  12. Reactions to Future seems to be quite polarising. Personally, it's the only song I've truly loved so far this era. From the reggae rhythm to the vocal effects, it's a very Major Lazer-esque song. I love it! Can't wait to see it performed on the big stage.
  13. Oh wow, nice catch. Hyperballad is my favourite Bjork song and I didn't even realise. Such a great song.
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