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  1. Hey y’all! I’ve come alive from the depths of hell with some info! If you’ll remember Isaac “Not4Pussies” from here, he shared with me some info related to the video shoot. Here’s what he says: - They’re shooting the video in a theater. There’s camera crews inside and outside the theater where people are lined up (not sure why, but he sent videos of this; lotsa people dressed up). - Generally a lot of extras in the video. - Everyone is wearing a lot of 70s themed clothing. - Work from designer Bcalla Bcalla (famous for their work with drag queens) has been pulled by M
  2. Is America's racism? Or just discrimination in general?
  3. Ever since seeing "Rebel Heart" live, it's become one of my favorite songs from the album. I'm always singing it. Of course the whole album is amazing, but that one makes me feel things.
  4. She said about two or three times that she was so happy to be back in America! She said because we speak her language. "The language of FUCK!" She also cut off the girl who caught her bouquet after her first wedding interview question because Madonna asked if she knew how to drive and she said "I think so?" She just walked away from her. Then she teased her and told her she's fucked if she can't drive, doesn't have a job or can't cook, and told the girl she should've just lied to her that way they could have gotten married. She also scolded her dancer Maria for not lying about her age bef
  5. The show was amazing! I think I loved it even more than the first show I went to! With the exception of her wardrobe malfunction in LFL, she seemed to be in great mood! She was so funny and we got FROZEN! It sounded great! She sounded great! She was so funny and I fell in love with her more! I loved when she said "Speaking of STDs, this song is about love" when starting True Blue. Even tho I was way up behind the stage, I still loved it! God bless the Queen!
  6. Thank you beautiful people! It's 10:04. Marymac went off at about 9:50. The crowd is eagerly waiting for her!
  7. My nose is bleeding, these seats are so high up! I'm just grateful to be in the same building as the queen!
  8. Gurls. I am going to this show? Like I can't even believe I am?
  9. I'm still disappointed nothing materialized out of that middle shot. One of my favorite photos of her all year!
  10. I've always thought this too, but I've never actually seen anyone post about it. That's one of my favorite things about this cover. Looks great on the vinyl cover, too!
  11. Here is my very late review. The show is absolutely beautiful. I was seated in the rows to the side about halfway up the section. Not bad seats at all, but certainly a different experience to being in the pit for MDNA. That said, my section was pretty good about standing and having a good time, but there were a few sections where people stayed sitting. Not my gay ass, baby! I was standing and clapping for every song, even the interludes! My energy must have been infectious because there was this older drunk British lady sitting next to me that kept looking over to me while singing and dancing
  12. Just Who's That Girl and Rebel Heart because she had to pee so she wanted to hurry through the section. Lmao. I'm honestly at a loss for words. It. Was. Amazing.
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