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  1. Pera

    Barcelona Date and Tickets

    Got my ticket to! Can't wait to go, damn 8 more months
  2. Pera

    Barcelona Date and Tickets

    Yeah I guess, mine didn't work either
  3. Pera

    Barcelona Date and Tickets

    one hour to go, right ?
  4. Pera

    Barcelona Date and Tickets

    Any info on the ticket prices yet ? There won't be a fan pit I guess...
  5. silliest fake in a long time, there's no way it's her...
  6. I'm sorry but I fucking hate his music. She'll need a miracle to make it good.
  7. they said "look who we have here" like 10 times already, and every time it's just some random sport person. where the hell is she
  8. Pera

    Thanks Joey :))

  9. Joey

    Happy Birthday

  10. Pera

    *NEW* VH1 100 Greatest Artists of All Time

    She's the only live/relevant act that's still selling a lot of records there (top 20)
  11. Pera

    hey there ;)

  12. XXL

    Buongiorno : - )