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  1. Madonna Tears Of A Clown - LIVE !

    OMG Nobody's Perfect
  2. Madonna Tears Of A Clown - LIVE !

    new periscope https://www.periscope.tv/cheeconaychu/1kvJpwVXDboGE
  3. Barcelona Date and Tickets

    Got my ticket to! Can't wait to go, damn 8 more months
  4. Barcelona Date and Tickets

    Yeah I guess, mine didn't work either
  5. Barcelona Date and Tickets

    one hour to go, right ?
  6. Barcelona Date and Tickets

    Any info on the ticket prices yet ? There won't be a fan pit I guess...
  7. silliest fake in a long time, there's no way it's her...
  8. I'm sorry but I fucking hate his music. She'll need a miracle to make it good.
  9. I like the idea but I don't see her doing it any time soon. She doesn't seem to like to perform ballads or slower songs at all. It's all about doing the big show now.
  10. Overall it was good but not great. I hated that slide show during LAV and LS, really weird choice... and some of the footage looked fan made (I guess it was suppose to)... It was much better than S&S but not as good as CT
  11. they said "look who we have here" like 10 times already, and every time it's just some random sport person. where the hell is she
  12. She has a lot of hits... but wherever she is I hope she won't be coming back anytime soon she was the ultimate queen of dreary ballads in the 90s
  13. Thanks Joey :))