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  1. Even then, I thought her fanbase was mostly pre teen girls (from my limited exposure to it). She just seems a strange choice...
  2. Are there no actual bands on the promo circuit this year? Who the hell goes to a music festival to see ARIANA GRANDE?
  3. Who did you nick that off of Brendan?
  4. Some people are advocating a so-called 'people's vote' that would be a referendum on the terms of whatever deal parliament agrees on. Some want the option of no Brexit at all included, others don't. Some find the idea of any second referendum at all an affront to democracy and a betrayal of the people. I don't feel as though there's been any sort of seismic shift in public opinion or demand for another vote so it probably won't happen. Because the BBC is inherently biased as the mouthpiece of the British state obviously. If Northern Ireland wants togetherness, then the ballot box needs to start reflecting that. The fact that the vile DUP is seen as the 'face' of N.Ireland should make your blood boil. Oh and I see the inability to differentiate between nationalism and independence in different countries has started again from our Spanish friends. Take it back to yer own thread chaps.
  5. Well JK Rowling's an obnoxious faux-left Blairite, but on this subject she's correct. Those pushing hard for Brexit (Jacob Reese Mogg, Boris Johnson etc) have already moved their money to Europe and advised their clients to do the same (they're all hedge fund managers and the like) while pushing this "will of the people" crap to the very same poor idiots who are going to be hit the very hardest by the economic hardships of Brexit. Good luck getting the media or anyone else to question them on it though.
  6. Well May puts her crappy deal to parliament later this month. She'll present it as her deal or no deal. It probably won't pass. Labour might then draw up a vote of no confidence in the govt which they (Labour) will probably lose unless they get the DUP on side (unlikely as they're currently in receipt of a Tory bribe and see Corbyn (who inexplicably supports Irish reunification but opposes Scottish independence) as a threat to their existence). May then negotiates an extension to Article 50 with Europe and goes back to negotiate a slightly better deal by changing her own red lines on free movement. Tories go apeshit. Labour, SNP and some rebel Tories push Corbyn (whose a rabid Brexiteer but won't admit it) to support a second referendum. May, trapped in a corner like the rabid unhinged dog she is, concedes. Mad Brexiteers threaten to riot but don't. There's a second referendum campaign even more divisive and awful than the first. We then wait for the result and wake up to find Bobby in the shower and realise it was all a bad dream, or we press the repeat button and go through it all again. Yes there's a significant proportion of people who think a no deal would be just great and who discount every single piece of evidence to the contrary. Rule Britannia etc.
  7. Labour can't get past their "Unionist" stance when it comes to Scotland. It's too entrenched in them which is why they're more or less dead as a political force here. The press already holds up Sturgeon (who's seen as a hugely impressive progressive politician overseas) and the SNP as something to be feared and reviled simply because they're afraid of breaking up their precious union of the UK. The media are entirely complicit in this. Whereas a vile unionist party like the DUP gets courted and is currently in receipt of a billion pound bribe to keep the Tories afloat in Westminster. It's rotten to the core and the sooner we're shot of it all the better.
  8. Well even if Brexit doesn't happen that doesn't change the political and socio-economic gulf that exists between both countries. I also still remember all the scaremongering and misinformation surrounding the last independence debate and the dark British state is gonna be even more vociferous in it's machinations next time around, especially after Brexit exposes the fact that outwith the city of London, England has been asset and resource stripped for decades.
  9. Well her goal is an independent Scotland within the EU and that suits me fine, but as an example of how fucked the rest of the UK is, Labour consistently rule out working with her ( SNP, left of centre, progressive, inclusive) yet have recently indicated they'd be open to working with the DUP (right wing, climate change denying, anti gay, anti abortion) because that's where the tide is turning politically down there - and this ongoing Brexit madness is just gonna make it a million times worse.
  10. Scary times for Spain! The manufactured "crisis" was just jingoistic British nationalist bile.More and more people are seeing through the BBC's increasingly dangerous right wing agenda. They've even got Steve Bannon (and we've seen his recent influence on what's going on in Brazil) on payroll under the bullshit excuse of him being an "anti-elite voice". With the one "British" politician showing any moral backbone yet again being...
  11. Not ALL the English obviously, but yes, the English - many of whom are politically homeless because they only have the real choice of Tory or Labour who are two sides of the same coin when it comes to immigration and Brexit. The English who consistently vote in a Tory government for the whole UK to suffer under no matter how cruel, how inhumane, how devastating their policies. The English, who polls show would STILL vote Tory and still vote Brexit today. One only has to look at the shameful and hideous rolling media coverage the last week or so of the immigrant "crisis" in England (12 people caught in a boat *rolleyes*) The term Broken Britain has never been more apt right now.
  12. Well hello stranger! I hope not! I saw last week that Liebour had slipped another 3 points or so in the latest polls in Scotland with Tories down 1 and SNP up. Even the Corbyn effect (in England) is diminishing as he continues to show zero leadership on Brexit (or anything else) They will forever be Toryville down there so we need to get out while we have a chance. How amusing that this deal actually gives Northern Ireland the very best of a bad deal while disadvantaging the rest of the UK (especially Scotland), yet this nasty right wing bigoted cunt isn't happy because it means a threat to their precious "union" with rUK. Truly Ireland's shame. Anyway, it's doubtful this shitty deal will get through parliament so it's either back to the drawing board or out with no deal at all. Fucked either way. There's a ECJ ruling coming soon that will decide the legality of cancelling Brexit altogether. They may rule against it (to dissuade other member states going down the same route of threatening to leave then cancelling) or rule for it (to give us all a get out clause). Shit show.
  13. No, none of that is reported on the main BBC news (which is what everyone watches) It's very rare to get any world news that doesn't involve the USA, occasionally Russia or some propaganda piece about Syrian chemical attacks or such nonsense. The 24hr BBC news channel will have specific programming for world news etc but that's a limited audience.
  14. Well this evening's main National BBC news was, literally - 1. Tough talking Theresa May arrives at Brexit Summit (go Treeza!) 2. Commuter chaos in London as a train breaks down (yes this is national UK news) 3. Scandal as some Just Eat restaurants get a zero rating for hygiene ( fascinating) 4. Rich guy pulls out of buying Wembley Stadium (haud me back) 5. England cricket scores (my life is complete) So, no, BBC World Service, the remit of which is to provide news to those outwith the UK rather than in it, doesn't really compare. But watch any debate from the House of Commons and that's the whole essence of the place. Braying and shouting and insulting each other like it's a school playground, coupled with ancient and antiquated customs that no one is in any hurry to reform. The Tories have it in for the Speaker as he's quite tough on them and sympathetic to backbenchers, so this 'complaint' which is disguised as being about general standards of propriety but is in fact about him himself, is really just a fudge to get rid of him and get him replaced.