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  1. I think politics is so polarized these days that some people willingly just look the other way no matter what is staring them right in the face. They're either right or left and they'll go along with the prevailing consensus in their tribe no matter what. Brexit for example is now obviously an act of national self harm, just about everyone knows it, but no one will stop it. May TRIED to lessen the blow somewhat with her chequers deal but days later she had resignations, calls for her head on a plate and the rebels in her party basically threatening to bring her down. She, true to form, capitulated and changed the deal to make it impossible for the EU to accept. Had she a shred of backbone she would have put the country first, but that's not the Tory way. No one's going to tackle the true elites. They're global, they're too powerful and they have their fingers in every pie.
  2. When is this shit going to end? And even when the orange one finally leaves (either in an ambulance or a police van one hopes) the political landscape is surely already irreparably damaged for at least a generation. Interested to see what the 'reset' position is. Demographically, what's Trump's level of support among young people for example?
  3. Well without independence, Scotland is still tied to those same immigration policies. We need and in fact encourage migration, yet can do nothing about it. The well publicised "hostile environment" isn't here though (which was meant to discourage illegal immigration but has ended up hitting perfectly legal and in some cases 100% British citizens) As far as mainstream media goes, I just wish there was an outlet that wasn't so damn biased towards one thing or another. Surely the job is to simply inform, then find out the truth about a particular subject. There's this quote I read recently about journalism: "if one person tells you it's dry outside and another person says it's raining, it's not your job to report both, it's your job to look our the window and see which it is" This hardly evey happens these days. It's all panel discussions with people shouting at each other and the viewer knowing shit unless they look into it themselves, and then they're met with a brrage of online stuff that may or may not be true, "fake news" etc. Last week on BBC Newsnight, this (once good) presenter was interviewing a guy about the fact that the electoral commision found that the Brexit leave campaign had broken the law by overspending and posting facebook ads. The guy was quite rightly explaining the fact and she, numerous times, interjected with "ALLEGEDLY that's what happened" No bitch, they broke the law and were fined. The guy handled it brilliantly. That's just one example of many. I actually find Aljazeera UK's news channel a much better source or news than any of the other offerings.
  4. The minute that old cunt Murdoch got away with that phone hacking scandal, the pretence was up. If you're rich enough you can get away with anything. Still can't quite wrap my head around the fact that the daft fucks complaining about the "elites" that those very newspapers keep going on about don't realise that it's those elites who own and control the very media they're reading. Unfortunately it's the oldies who still think that channels like the BBC are legitimate news sources and who take it all verbatim are the ones who actually get off their arses and vote. I know voting is compulsory in Aus but not here, if anything they're making it even more difficult to vote, demanding certain types of ID at polling stations when previously all you needed was your polling card. If I hear this "will of the people" shit re Brexit again, considering that out of a voting population of 46 million or so, only 17m voted for it (16 million against and the rest didn't bother voting at all (a few in this very forum if I remember correctly who spent all day crowing and laughing the day after the result came in) There was a Brexit amendment vote in parliament the other week (ensuring that if no deal was agreed upon we would at least stay part of the customs union in the interim) that had it passed would likely have resulted in a vote of no confidence against May by her far right MPs, parliament collapsing and a new general election being held. The votes of 4 LABOUR MPs (rabid Brexit dogs) who defied ther own whip and voted against it, resulted in the govt winning and the Brexit no deal cliff becoming even more of a certainty. Also seeing as this Tory govt is widely considered to be the most inept in generations, the fact that Labour can't even take a lead over them in the polls is a damning indictment (that's the Corbyn smear machine, his general ineptness and overall rabble that's the Labour party in action). So things here are changing, but not for the better.
  5. Yep, it's the same story everywhere. I read recently that Murdoch has now been granted permission to take full control of Sky over here, but there was meant to be some proviso about Sky News not being included or something (but obviously that's a ruse and he'll have his sticky fingers in it somehow). The BBC charter was up for renewal a couple of years ago, which is when the govt of the day can make changes to how it's run. What was published publicly about it was all fairly innocuous but we can be assured that they were given "guidance" over how to run their news dept. (or suffer the consequences) BBC Scotland is basically run by London and it's a constant barrage of "SNP BAAAAD" stories and sometimes downright lies and twisted narratives that various other news sources spend time debunking with real facts.. They're clearly uncomfortable that they're actually doing a damn great job all in of running the country, especially compared to the godawful chaos happening in England, and of course terrified of another possible independence referendum. The first one was when I really noticed how biased and dreadful the BBC had become as a source of news. The BBC's latest shtick is going after Corbyn for being anti semitic. Now I'm no great fan of Corbyn seeing as he himself is an ardent Brexiteer and still completely hopeless when facing May during PMQs etc, but no one seriously thinks that he's anti semitic when he's spent his whole career being anti racist, progressve etc, yet that's the constant narrative being pumped out. Even today that's one of their lead stories. Meanwhile senior Tory officials are having meetings with Nazi and (ex) Trump adviser Steve Bannon and...not a squeak about it. This really is the worst of times.
  6. This kind of sums it up. As does the fact that the BBC's editior of daily politics left last year to work as Theresa May's communication adviser (to be replaced by another Tory)
  7. Oh we're living in an age where people do not want to admit they were wrong about anything. It's either "we dont care, that's what we voted for" "experts know nothing" "fake news" or a shrug of the shoulders because they're not affected (yet). The propogandist press of Murdoch and Rothermere who run the big newspapers brand anyone not pro Brexit as traitors and saboteurs, the BBC (which was filled with right wing executives by David Cameron a few years ago) is basically a state propaganda tool. There's very little free press left. Just today right wing thug Tommy Robinson who's the posterchild for fascist racist shitheads was released from prison on bail and the celebrations and jubilations over twitter and facebook are sickening.. This isn't happening in Scotland of course (just yesterday there was a mass protest in Glasgow over the forcible eviction of 300 asylum seekers by the Home Office, our front pages of the Scottish editions of those same newspapers above are never about migration or refugees because it's not something we care about etc), and I'm not saying that every English person fits that description either, but it's very much the narrative that I'm seeing and hearing from friends down south, the media and hundreds of (intelligent) people on twitter. Oh and I just read your post above about moving to London. If you're happy to be somewhere where your Visa could be revoked at anytime for no reason at all other than you sound slightly foreign or you originate from the evil EU, then I'd reconsider. It's a very real problem with even people who've worked, paid their taxes, have British children, been here 20 years or more being told they have no legal right to stay here and being booted out the country. I'm not trying to scare monger, but if you have other European options, then please take them.
  8. Seeing as the far right of the Tory party are holding May to ransom and demanding she either go for a "hard" Brexit (which the EU won't accept) or a no deal scenario (which would be catastrophic for the country, but party interest always takes precedence over country for the Tories) and it's looking increasingly likely that no deal is what we'll end up with, they're now drawing up contingency plans to stockpile food, medicines and blood (which official agencies are saying is virtually impossible logistically) like some sort of science fiction tale. Now in normal times, any politician, or prime minister for that matter would be up in arms about the situation facing their country, but the Maybot (in full malfunctioning mode below) thinks instead of being alarmed, we should take "comfort" that they're stockpiling like its fucking WWII. I wonder if the cunts who voted for this actually realised that hating the fact that there are too many people with dark skin in their shitty little town realised that they were also voting to fuck themselves right up the ass? Even the old land of milk and honey Brexiteer politicians are admitting it could take up to 50 years to see any benefit from it (that benefit being that maybe we'll be close to what we already have right now) I'm not entirely sure that anyone outwith this country knows what a clusterfuck is going on here right now
  9. Kim

    MDNA or Rebel Heart Tour?

    Spectacle is still expected (and appreciated) at a Madonna show. As for the music, I don't see what was so different between them both. Same old musical director pressing a few buttons on pro tools.
  10. Under normal circumstances he would have been sacked long ago for the many, many embarrassing gaffes he's made, but Treeza couldn't risk him plotting against her. Now though they're all abandoning the sinking ship of their own free will leaving her open to a coup from all sides of her own party. She should have shown some leadership and assertiveness instead of being a pathetic lame duck. Oh well. Of course while this is all going on, THE one who caused the whole mess is... ....sitting watching Wimbledon in between writing his memoirs without a care in the world.
  11. And not to be upstaged, bumbling Boris has resigned too. What an incompetent shitshow.
  12. Kim

    MDNA or Rebel Heart Tour?

    RHT started off that way with Iconic...then...I dunno what happened.
  13. This BA vid is available on youtube again after being blocked for a year!
  14. Looking forward to Trumpets visit to Scotland next weekend...