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  1. Janet has a normal hairline though! Apart from that, the resemblance is clear! Why is Kilo in the background looking at that old lady in the fur coat?
  2. ^ Love those pics!
  3. What a little prick. Yeah lets write a whole artiicle about a 20 year old album lamenting that the woman who wrote it has *gasp* changed and evolved in the meantime. He was probably about 5 when ROL came out and spends the whole article referencing an Oprah Winfrey interview he watched on youtube. That'll be why he's writing articles for JEZEBEL of course.
  4. I don't know about frozen cheesecake, but I know Kilo wishes she had SARAH LEE'S hairline and feminine good looks!
  5. Do you really want to see where he is now? I mean, really? Okay then... . . . . Who do we think he LOOKS LIKE???
  6. I actually quite like this ish song once it gets started. Although I'm sure Miss Donna Delory was raging that it wasn't HER Mylene chose to RIDE LIKE A HORSE. C'est SEXY le ciel de Californie Sous ma PEAU j'ai LA en overdose
  7. Actually it was just Kilo he did! OH MY GOD... (typical Kilo fan y'all)
  8. Some silly old poof who was on the X Factor years ago (the joke act they always put through to laugh at) HUGE Klio fan obviously. If memory serves, he did some fucking awful Kylie/Madonna mash up thing dressed as a geisha one week
  9. Not according to our sources in this very thread who revealed that Kilo is a nasty little bitch behind the scenes! Anyway, you know as well as I do that Gaga isn't even a thing in the UK, why even pay her any attention? I don't get it.
  10. Twitter Moments OMG. Get heart-shaped sushi cakes for your next birthday https://twitter.com/i/moments/967119018191654912 No comments on your little idol cosying up to your hated Gaga, jonski?
  11. Looks like a screenshot from a video. I have to say those Vegas looks rank up there with the worst of the lot!
  12. Yeah but they'd already released a previous deluxe version 10 years earlier for the 20th anniversary as well. As usual we get HEE HAW and treated like musical illiterates who'd rather a pair of fluffy slippers than something to do with Madonna's actual music.