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  1. I see you lurking!

  2. OMG. Where the hell have you been????

    1. surannée


      Hi, David!!! :D How is it going??? As I had already talked to Dindi about it, one day I simply said to myself: "Let's just take some time off to cool things a bit." I was just spending too much time by the board and it started affecting both my work and my REAL social life. The years just flew. I remember I logged here briefly around 2011-12, but I was deep into work and, besides, the MDNA era was nothing for me to get excited about, to be completely honest.

    2. surannée


      And then... Rebel Heart. I just had to come back, it's such a beautiful era for us, after all! :D Big hugs to you and please keep in touch.

  3. Moi cute? Surely you must be going senile! :p

    1. tonymarraffa


      You're really cute!!!! Most importantly your a great writer so It's like you're the perfect guy!

  4. Dude, are you intentionally trying to frustrate us all with that god-like avatar? WHEW.

    1. ryan


      Yes, it's all part of my master plan, there's more to come, i'll explain later...

  5. Take your shirt off! Woof!

    1. Butter9


      Hey I don't know how this comment thing works but why did you send me all these messages ? You can"t enter the forum ? I don't understand Svperstar !

    2. svperstar


      Are you still having trouble getting in??

    3. Butter9


      Sorry for super late reply. am still new to this msg thing. I did have but now am ok ! Thanks Svperstar !

  6. Is that your backside in the pic?

  7. BLESS you for name-dropping me and my fabulous quote in the most RELEVANT of threads! :kiss:

    1. Kim


      NEVER was a quote more fitting DARLING! xxx

  8. Thank you so much for that picture. *wanks furiously*

  9. I want to see you naked.

    1. franxisco66


      I second that lol

  10. I love the smirk on your face. Very fierce, very coy, very sunguh. xxoxoo

    1. ryan


      I'll keep it up for ya, xxxo

    2. ryan


      I'll keep it up for ya, xxxo

    3. svperstar


      You've opened up the shirt now, though! :o TAKE IT OFF!

  11. Post more. Preferrably x-rated.

  12. Holy cow, what a LOOKER! :wow:

  13. You really should write erotic fiction!

  14. Thanks to you I spent three hours of my weekend watching Judy Judy on youtube. :americanlife:

  15. Ooh la la!

    1. LatinAmericanIdol


      And ooh la la to you my svperstar!

  16. It's been seven hours and fifteen days since you took your love away.

    1. acko


      Sorry, just saw this. I went out every night & slept all day. :D

  17. Seeing your profile picture always reminds me why I love penis so much.

  18. I think we should start a lurkers club.

  19. Is it just me or are you getting hotter every day?

  20. Aside from being a nice guy, you're also sexy as hell. Keep it up! ;)

  21. Sit on my face.

  22. You. is. handsome.

  23. You are too cute for words in that profile picture.

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