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  1. I see you lurking!

  2. I was in section D, right next to an aisle. it was the best ever, cuz I was able to move pretty much as I pleased At first, the security guy was like "go back to your seat", but even before the first segment was done, I was already moving all over the place! So yeah, seats right next to an aisle is a great opportunity!
  3. awesome, thanks! I arrive on the 12th so good to know that there's a party on that day!
  4. any news on the after parties?
  5. This one is actually fake. There was a guy called MadonnAlex or something, and back in the early 2000s he had a great website with the most amazing fan edits. He took her arms/position from this 1991 meisel pic: this one: --->
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