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Vegan woman ‘heartbroken’ after KFC sandwich mix-up


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Vegan woman ‘heartbroken’ after KFC sandwich mix-up



JAN 08, 2020 | 5:12 PM


A vegan of five years is feeling "disappointed” and “heartbroken" after trusting KFC to put a meat-free sandwich in its correct box, and coming away with a mouthful of real chicken instead.

Nic Kent, a 27-year-old woman from Nottinghamshire, England, told Nottinghamshire Live that she was visiting the fast food chain with her sister on Sunday. Kent ordered a new plant-based “chicken” sandwichthat KFC is currently testing in the UK, while her sister got a more traditional chicken sandwich with cheese.

When they got their order, Kent grabbed the sandwich out of the box clearly marked “zero chicken” and “vegan,” and she quickly took a bite.

“You know when you are so hungry and you do not chew?” she said. "I waited a long time for it so I was hungry and I just wanted to enjoy it.”

To her shock, it was only after swallowed that she discovered she’d eaten chicken and cheese.

“I could feel all the skin going down my throat,” she said.

Kent’s repulsion and disappointment was compounded by the fact that she’s lactose-intolerant.

"I have not had cheese in a long time so it did make me very sick,” she said.

Kent called the restaurant after the mix-up. The KFC’s manager apologized and offered a refund and a free replacement sandwich.

“We realise it’s super important we don’t slip up – particularly when it comes to allergens,” a company spokesperson told Nottinghamshire Live.

But while Kent acknowledged her part in the ordeal, she couldn’t help feeling disheartened by the restaurant.

“I should have checked,” she said. “But really I should not have had to.”

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7 hours ago, acko said:

I have a vegan friend, he's always forcing us to eat his shitty home made vegan cakes that obviously need some fucking eggs in em. :fag: 

Try to lose your vegan friend.

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