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New album thread: discuss here. #Magic

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1 hour ago, Voguerista said:

That could very well be. No one should ever mess with Madonna....even her fans. lol

its good she has kept it all under wraps though ..,shes obviously going to try a different way of releasing this album ...im excited but jeez just give us a clue what to expect

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7 minutes ago, runa said:

The only thing I smell is a lot of bullshit in that thread


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4 minutes ago, Royal T said:

Yass queen more kids video.  We love them. 

Who needs new music when you can have this..  

hahahaha ...lol ....i hope it means what i think it does ..that madonna is coming soon or news on monday ? 


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3 minutes ago, Starman said:

We would probably had the album and the tour already if she hadnt adopted the new twins 😞

i know right she should send them back ( joke ) 


they#re deffo her priority which is fine as they should be 

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Ok, something really needs to happen in the next few weeks - even if it's just some kind of press release or announcement because I am getting really fed up of waiting at this point. It's been nearly four years since Rebel Heart!! 

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7 hours ago, Lolo said:


   On 12/21/2018 at 11:40 AM,  robster said: 
  • Album (practically) done.
  • Work started on visual side (album cover, music videos are being planned)
  • Tentative release of the album 2nd quarter (single possibly in the first quarter)
  • Entirely new team for the art direction.
  • Rumored 2 lead single tactic (one being a buzz single and one being the real lead, released almost simultaneously).
  • Expect official news in early january
  • Expected collabs on the album so far: Anitta, Maluma, Nahkane, possibly Mykki Blanco.
  • A mix between pop, African and Portuguese music.
  • Very avant-garde sounds and something fresh, not just for her, but for music in general.


So if we don’t get any news in January, does it mean the source is wrong entirely? 

This is just a collection of rumours going around on various fan forums. And also a lot of guess work...

Most people here could have come up with this list tbh.

No offence to the insiders here but you can't blame them if the info they get isn't correct and we don't get anything in January.

NO ONE really knows exactly what's going on or when the first single or news will happen.

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11 minutes ago, iamme said:

She obviously thinks that her fans really love her kids just like our children 😂🤣

Personally I don’t like kids or toddlers so her kids are no exception. I don’t find them cute or adorable, It just annoying me. Sorry not sorry  

I’m not kids person. Im more dogs person xD

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2 minutes ago, YannBouch said:

I'm listening the back that up at this point, the need for new stuff is real 

that would make a wonderful buzz single

why doesnt she release singles? waiting the whole album is so 1994

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7 minutes ago, dcbyebyebaby said:

I was a senior in college when RH came out and now I have been out of college almost as long as I was in college. Yet still no new Madonna album....

I was living in a city called derby when MDNA leaked. I have since moved in London 3 and a half years and have been in Sheffield 6 months. I have moved twice around the UK and she's made 2 albums. Cow.


I mean in reality she's moved her entire life to Portugal has adopted twins has been doing MDNA skin. Has done the RHT. Performed here and there and been on god is a woman and champagne rose. BUT STILL.

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