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Costa Rica Man in the Hospital After Anal Sex With Vegetables

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Surgeons Remove Edible Sex Toy From Man's Anus

April 7, 2016

by Karin Sun

Surgeons at San Juan de Dios Hospital in San Jose, the capital city of Costa Rica, removed an 18-inch-long cassava root that had gotten stuck in a man's rectum after he used it as a sex toy.


The unidentified man, 55, had carved the root into the shape of a phallus and inserted it into his anus, the Costa Rica Star reported April 6. However, he was rushed to the hospital when two latex condoms that he had placed on the root ripped inside him.

Surgeons took about an hour to remove the plant, which was about three inches wide, from the man's anal cavity. They also had to do some reconstructive procedures to repair the damage to his anus and intestines.

Video footage of the surgery was filmed and posted online, according to the Daily Mail.

The man is now in stable condition and expected to make a full recovery. Doctors said he was lucky that he did not suffer a perforated rectum, which could have led to a dangerous infection.

The cassava, or yucca, plant is a starchy root that is commonly found in South America and from which tapioca is produced. The American Cancer Society warns that those with a latex rubber allergy may suffer a reaction from eating the plant, according to the Daily Mail.

In an interview with Costa Rican tabloid Diario Extra, renowned sexologist Mauro Fernandez said that sitophilia, or sex play using vegetables and other edible materials, is a common type of sex fetish, the Costa Rica Star reported.

The video footage:

WARNING!!! Graphic video!!!

SECOND WARNING!!! Graphic video!!! Are you sure you wanna proced?

Read more:

According to a 2014 article in Women’s Health Magazine, nurses in Chicago explained that female patients are sometimes admitted due to vaginal insertion of cucumbers, bananas and hot dogs.

The most common problem emanates from pieces of food breaking off inside the reproductive tract, a situation that may lead to infection and toxicity.


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I was in a gay datings site once and this guy sends me a message with pictures he thought would turn me on...he stuffing eggplant in his ass...not even a Vande's banana but an egg fruit....whatever.

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I can barely fit a finger in my ass much less a mini tree stump. What the FUCK.

Same here. I'm a top by default because I can't fit anything in my ass (without pain). It works out well, as there are more bottoms than tops in the gay community!

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