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Revolutionary Heart :Demo Album


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Don't know if this has been posted before, but someone compiled a bunch of the RH demos into one "album". I find this just as enjoyable as listening to Rebel Heart. She really did create a shit load of kickass tracks this era. Would love to see some of these demos polished off and completed and placed on her next album, but I doubt that would happen. Especially Never Let You Go and Heaven.


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I made one too, I levelled all the tracks so it flows, will post my tracklist when I get home

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I've made 2 demo albums, one being a different take on the albums with the demos, the other being exclusive to songs not released in any form.

1. Rebel Heart (Avicii Demo)

2. Living for Love (demo, mixed into the end of Rebel Heart)

3. Devil Pray (Avicii Master version)

4. Hold Tight (MNEK version)

5. Joan of Arc (demo)

6. Beautiful Scars (demo)

7. Never Let You Go

8. Borrowed Time (demo)

9. Wash All Over Me (Avicii demo)

10. Messiah (demo)

11. Queen

The Revolution:

1. Trust No Bitch

2. Nothing Lasts Forever

3. Alone With You

4. Never Let You Go

5. Tragic Girl

6. Take A Day

7. Take It Back

8. Two Steps Behind

9. Freedom

10. Heaven

11. God Is Love

12. The Revolution

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