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Only 3 Madonna Albums.

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Erotica, Ray Of Light and Rebel Heart.

Btw, each and every album has been mentioned by at least one person. Goes to show M doesn't have one single bad album!

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American Life

Confessions on a dance floor... or Music, still undecided.

Ray of light

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Obviously I couldn't live with just three and my choices could change daily but here goes ...

Rebel Heart

Ray Of Light

Like A Prayer

Honorable mentions to American Life and Confessions tho....and every other Madonna album ;)

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Like a prayer

Then ... I want to say either first album or like a virgin, but if I only have three I need some range, so maybe either music or hard candy .... Probably go with hard candy.

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Oh wow this is hard, because even though you make a choice you're like "Oh wait but I love this song, and that song, and it's not on the albums I chose," lol. But I think I would say Erotica, Confessions, and Rebel Heart

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Erotica- Its sexy, its dark, its amazing. Its my fave.

COADF- Dance classic, gay favourite, anthemic yet smart and provocative.

Rebel Heart- Current, masterpiece, wise, beautiful and barely long enough.

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Ok I'll help you out


Hard Candy


You have good taste btw

dave, you cheeky sod!

I don't know how you peeps can pick just three. It's impossible. Every album means so much to me for different reasons.

Here are my picks:

MadonnaLikeAVirginTrueBlueLikeAPrayer - 4 disc set

I'mBreathlessEroticaBedtimeStoriesRayOfLight - 4 disc set

MusicAmericanLifeConfessionsOnADanceFloorHardCandy - 4 disc set

MDNARebelHeart - 2 disc set

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