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Madonna's Best #2 on tour?


Madonna's best #2 on tour!!  

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  1. 1. Best #2

    • Holiday
    • Lucky Star
    • Open Your Heart
    • Fever
    • Impressive Instant
    • Nobody Knows Me
    • Get Together
    • Beat Goes On
    • Revolver

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I wasn't crazy about how the NKM performance turned out on the IGTTYAS DVD. The editing just makes it way too glossy. The bootlegs show it in all its glory IMO. Absolutely one of the best performances she's ever done!

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Nobody Knows Me was a bit blah to me, partly because Vogue was such a strong opener it was pretty impossible to follow without losing steam a bit. I chose between OYH and Impressive Instant and picked the latter. The conventional way would have been to open with Instant (flashy, fast-paced start) and follow that with DW/SFL, but I'm happy she stirred things up a little.

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RIT was a good tour, the public and fans alike loved it back when she was on the road. Let's not rewrite history just because you don't like part of M's past work.

ANYWAY...It's hard to choose between OYH, Fever, Get Together, NKM and Revolver. All were memorable in their own right. Probably liked NKM and Revolver the most, however NKM is a far better song so that gets my vote :thumbsup:

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I just love to death Impresive Instant, Fever and Get Together

But I really really like nNobody Knowes Me too. THe way that it starts the same way that Vogue ends it s brilliant

How can one choose???

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