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$$$ How much will Rebel Heart Tour make? $$$


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Agree with the ticket price in Asia I wouldn't be surprised if her gross would be staggering. I mean with the vip seats going from the range of $800 to $2000 a pop....

Well that's right.

I don't understand why some fans STILL seriously believe this mammoth world tour crossing the BIIIIG DOLLAR territories will actually come underneath Taylor Swift AND not over take MDNA!

When has Madonna ever been beaten on tour gross nowerdays....

Rebel Heart Tour will be the Number 1 Grossing Tour. Period.

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I think people are getting a tad carried away with some of these predictions! Lol

Yes the Australian, Asian, Mexican and other key North American cities (NY, Vegas, LA, Montreal and Toronto) will have higher than average grosses, but many of the other NA and particular European dates (which have general admission tickets) will likely be the usual 2 - 2.5 million per date.

I expect it will all average out to around 2.5 - 3 million per show, so I'm guessing the minimum she will gross (with 80+ dates) will be 200 million with a top figure between 240 - 250 million.

Yeah I kind of agree. 200-250 mil is a realistic estimation. :) But ofcourse I would love to be wrong :D I just don't want ppl to be disappointed, you know. She cant outgross a stadium tour of The same number of dates and not that huuuge of a difference in prices. :) its impossible.

But IF she keeps adding dates, who knows.200 - 250 mil for a Arena tour is great!

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From UKMix:

With the first three shows, Madonna made nearly 14 millions

Can you be discerning what you copy/paste? That's just from a random forum member there just guesstimating. 14 million from 3 arena shows? Um no. :lol:

Edit to add: This same person also claims the MSG shows will gross 23 million wtf :lmao::crazy:

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