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Rebel Heart album: Your Fav Top 5 songs

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01) Living For Love

02) Joan of Arc

03) Inside Out

04) Devil Pray

05) Wash All Over Me

*Honorable mentions: Messiah, Iconic and Best Night.

Honorable mentions: the whole album to be honest. :lol::1251:

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2.Living For Love

3.Rebel Heart

4.Wash All Over Me

5.Devil Pray

*But I still think the demo/acoustic version of Joan of Arc is the best recording that came out of this era

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This is so hard to choose.

Inside Out

Joan of Arc


^Those are in no particular order, I'm completely in love with these 3 songs equally, can't put one above the other.


Veni Vidi Vici

^This list changes all the time.

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Guest ziggy

1. Ghosttown

2. Joan of Arc

3. Heartbreak City

4. Living for Love

5. Graffiti Heart

(6. Rebel Heart

7. Devil Pray

8. Body Shop

9. Wash All Over Me

10. Addicted

11. Illuminati

12. Inside Out

13. Messiah

14. Unapologetic Bitch

15. Queen

16. Holy Water

17. Borrowed Time

18. Veni Vidi Vici

19. Autotune Baby

20. Beautiful Scars

21. Hold Tight

22. Iconic

23. Best Night

24. SEX

25. BIM)

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Very hard because I have only had the album for 2 days and I still havent heard Addicted, Borrowed Time, Graffiti heart, Queen (?) and Autotune baby, but here we go:

1. Living for Love (classic Madonna, great message and amazing production. Love the 90s sound!)

2. Joan of Arc (Very emotional. Feels like an anthem. First Madonna song in years that have made me cry)

3. Best Night (sexy, seductive, great sound)

4. holy Water (this one is s killer!)

5. Devil Pray (Lyrics and production go hand in hand and they make this song catchy, experimental and smart)

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I assume we are talking the album as released, and not any demos.

  1. Illuminati
  2. Ghosttown
  3. Joan of Arc
  4. Wash All Over Me
  5. Graffiti Heart

If she hadn't ruined them, "Rebel Heart" (demo with vocoder) and "Beautiful Scars" would've easily topped this list. Oh well.

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I can't choose only 5 songs, it's impossible on this album...

Living for Love

Devil Pray

Hold Tight


Wash All Over Me


Rebel Heart

In no particular order. All are amazing! And I haven't heard the Super Deluxe version now :popcorn2:

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Living for Love

Joan Of Arc


Devil Pray

Heartbreak City

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Except for the preordered released tracks, i have only heard the album since i got it on the 6th and only the Deluxe Version ...

1. Living for love (didn't think much of it until after the video release and all the live the performances made a HUGE impact)

2. Ghosttown (again, after the CANAL+ performance, i was sold!)

3. Joan of Arc (for the great melody + lyrics)

4. Messiah (brilliant orchestra at the end)

5. Unapologetic Bitch (for being the bitch she truly is)

Bubbling under ...

1. Iconic (uplifting)

2. Bitch I'm Madonna (pure tongue and cheek fun)

3. Rebel Heart (love the acoustic guitar)

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