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New album updates - "So many great songs, can't wait." (Madonna)

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I hope she gets Spike Stent or maybe Avicii has a preferred mixing/mastering person.

Demo's production skills are good ( I love I'm addicted and GB) but he sucks at mixing, imo

I noticed it immediately on the HC album, especially on Voices and DWRY, the JT/Tim productions mixed by Demo vs. The

Neptunes/Pharrell tracks by Spike are vastly different. There's depth and range w/ Spike Stent, and a wall of sound from Demo.

Spike, i think, gets Madonna's 'sound' each element of a track sounds individual and like birds flying in V-formation, while Demo's tracks sound like a bunch of race cars trying to place 1st.

BUT, I liked Marius DeVries' work as well... I'm sure M is watching the $$$ though. I have no idea how much any of that costs though.

Yes, I miss Spike. He had a great intuition about what sounds to accentuate in the mixing. Demo is fine, but Spike was the pinnacle (IMO).

Glad to know I'm not alone then.

It's interesting ... I know production, mixing, and mastering are each separate processes, but I can only vaguely articulate some of the broad differences, and I know there are lots of granular nuances. Case in point: Demo mixed tracks on MDNA, and he is a producer on some great tracks (as you pointed out, madryan). Similarly, Spike got production credit on at least one Music album track. So some mixing work must, at times, escalate to actual production work.

I like Marius de Vries, too ... which she would do more with him at some point, since we really only got Bedtime Story, Skin, and Nothing Really Matters. It feels like they only scratched the surface. Well. Those are great, deep tracks, so I suppose that's not a fair assessment. But I do love his work on the Moulin Rouge soundtrack and the "Yellow Moon" collab with Roisin Murphy ... other than that, I don't know what else he's been up to. But ... I'm not sure that he's a mixer. I think he's an actual producer.

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Anyone else hoping that M taps Mark "Spike" Stent again for mixing? Or do we think that it's going to be all about Demo again? I'm not complaining about HC or MDNA -- I'm quite fond of them -- it's more of a sentimental feeling I have for Spike Stent for some reason. I know he mixed No Doubt's last record (Push and Shove) but not sure what else he's been up to. Anyone know why she didn't go back to him? Maybe it just had to do with who she was recording with (Timbaland and Timberlake) and she just got connected with Demo (Nelly Furtado's husband) from there...

oh g-d yes! Demo's terrible mixing really deters me from enjoying songs like Voices and I'm Addicted. Even Love Spent.

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I suppose it's too early to ask which Swede she'll get to direct the video for the first single, hmm? Johann Renck or Jonas Akerlund?

I'd wager Jonas if it's between those two. Of course, I'd welcome new blood as well.

Considering she is working with Avicii for sure, I have a feeling this will be a very commercial pop-dance album (but likely with some of his recent acoustic guitar leanings). I imagine she wants to re-dominate the Euro market. I expect a killer lead video.

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I dont think Madonna ever considered HC being called Mdolla. First it was Black Madonna (I dont see why everyone is so offended by this, I simply think it aint very imaginative or creative, although I like the photoshoot idea) than it was Give It To Me (the photoshoot that made it on the cover was done at the time the album was called Give It To Me) than Hard Candy. Mdolla was simply a nickname given by Pharrel that does appear on tracks on HC. Calling HC Mdolla could ve been interesting but then again maybe MDNA wouldnt have been MDNA: they sound almost like the same album.

I wasn't saying that the album was going to be called MDOLLA. We were commenting on the album personas and for HC she actually had a name just like erotica's Dita. Of course most fans don't use that name, just us HC loons. Once the album was changed from give it 2 me to HC the whole boxing theme and MDOLLA persona was thrown out the window, that's what I saying.

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from madonnatribe:

M is trying ideas with London-based, Norwegian producer Fred Ball at the moment, and they have booked studio time together in April. He has already given M some beats that she is writing lyrics to now, apparently. Norwegian artist Bertine Zetlitz (who worked with Fred Ball on her previous albums) told my bff and fellow Madonna fan this some days ago! You can read more about him here: http://www.fredballmusic.com

some tracks he produced:




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