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  1. When will Europe stop granting visa to Russian citizens? Why can they still travel around Europe as if nothing happened? Travel restrictions are in place for Russian oligarchs and politicians but obviously not for normal people. What has changed for normal people in Russia exactly? Western brands in supermarkets were replaced by Russian brands, which may be still produced by Western companies secretly doing business with Russia. Have normal Russian people experienced an hardships? Well, except for having to live in this rotten state. The German foreign ministry said the reason why they still have not imposed travel bans on normal Russians is that it would be harder to get Russian dissidents out of Russia. Makes me wonder if they have ever seen a Bond movie or ever heard of the Cold War, when such operations took place regularly.
  2. Different cases. This one now is only the beginning. Others will follow. I think there are currently three indictments in the pipeline. This one, the one in Georgia (the one where he calls the election official to "find xx votes", which is on tape and basically a confession) and one on federal level. Good, that they are finally coming after him. He is not above the law. Shocking to see (well, not really) how Republicans are spinning the indictment with all this witch hunt talk and how all of this is supposedly politically motivated. None of them ever adresses the alleged crimes. It's always only bad Democrats here, evil Democrats there. I hope Democrats at some point will start fighting back. From my perspective the likes of Lauren Boebert (soon to be a grandmother at 36), Marjorie Taylor Green (most likely the biggest c*nt of them all) and Matt Gaetz (is he still under investigation for child trafficking?) as well as others are getting away with far too much of their nonsene. I blame Michelle Obama with that stupid "if they go low, we go high" phrase. That doesn't work if most Republicans are down in the pits.
  3. I guess it depends on where those smaller towns are. The smaller towns in more rural areas, especially in Wales, will sooner or later realize that all major infrastructure and culture programs were funded fully or in parts by the EU. At some point they will be in the same position as they were before the UK joined the EU. A position without any money to fund any projects because London simply doesn't care for those little towns. To me it has been one of the biggest shocks of the Brexit that even towns that should know better voted in favor of Brexit. Many of those seaside towns that were basically sh*tholes before the EU. Dirty beaches, polluted water. The EU funded the clean up to turn them into those pretty little towns, people travel to for holiday. How ungrateful.
  4. What a horrible manipulative tweet. The evil trans person (not even confirmed the shooter was trans), the poor christian family. Not an excuse for the shooting of course, but I knew the minute it was reported that the shooter was trans (allegedly), right wingers would have a field day. Of course, guns have nothing do with it. As always. I'm sure, Republicans are celebrating. Now trans people are not only groomers, they are killing children as well. What a f*cked up country the U.S. are.
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