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  1. Great! Thanks for clarifying. I understand better now. All love and light here. Nothing personal. I’m only here to discuss Madonna.
  2. I appreciate your explanation, but you did state they were sort of alike in how you viewed them. My bad for asking you to share your opinion in greater detail. I obviously misunderstood, but it was an invitation to debate. That’s what a forum is. Prime example of why there is no longer much of an active Madonna forum.
  3. I’m interested in hearing more about what you actually mean about it being like I’m Breathless. If we want to debate the quality of something, it seems we should be able to deepen our analysis a little more than this. Otherwise it’s just a matter of personal taste as already stated. It’s a fundamental issue in the lack of dynamism and detail within criticism of this album. I’m certainly not arguing that you can’t dislike it or find it a lesser work in her canon, but please make the effort to elaborate. Because it makes no sense to the other forum members if you don’t. In my view, I’m Brea
  4. Nice! Here’s my X/Y Medellin/La Isla Bonita Dark Ballet/Paradise (Not for me) God Control/Future Lovers Future/Why’s It So Hard? Batuka/Nobody’s Perfect Killers who are partying/Mother and Father Crave/Love Tried To Welcome Me Crazy/Borderline Come Alive/Survival Extreme Occident/You’ll See Faz Gostoso/Into The Groove Bitch I’m Loca/Human Nature I don’t search I Find/Rescue Me Looking for Mercy/Ghosttown I Rise/Burning Up Funana/Love Makes The World Go Round Back that up to the beat/Super Pop Ciao Bella/G
  5. Traditionally concept albums and cohesive theme-based albums have fared much better with critics. We are all subject to unconscious bias as a result of the way we were educated, and cultural and intellectual snobbery had always traditionally dictated the zeitgeist until relatively recently. I can’t say populist-driven tastes have made for a particularly impressive shift in quality and diversity, but fortunately the upside of the “democratization” of the music industry post-streaming has at least made variety accessible to those who seek it out. P.S. thanks @Voguerista! More a temporary s
  6. It’s been a while since I last posted. With a lot going on personally and collectively, I was glad to have my unique rapport with Madame X the way I did with Madonna albums when I was a child and teenager. Opinions are what make this forum function. Without discussion, which includes differing opinions, there is no passion. Without passion there is no longer a measurable fan base. I sense there has been a surging reluctance to contribute by many members since the release of the Madame X album because anything short of syncophantry is often shot down. Personally, I feel it’s almost impossi
  7. Yeah. Watching it again, it seems pretty clear she either remembers or was reminded of their last encounter, which, as he highlights himself, showed him being an asshole the first time around. She had every reason to give him the death stare, and that petulant little Dutch pride jab! He really was ineffective if his intention was to get her to address her vocal performance at Eurovision. I kept trying to see it as him being kind by skirting the matter and allowing room for her to offer her own response, but it was his final interview, and it was pretty spineless to then edit the piece to make
  8. You are right. A part of what made me uncomfortable throughout the interview is that they edited it to fit a preconceived notion of what Madonna is; imperial, imperious, and impenetrable. The problem with that is that while she is not always those things, she can often get testy in interviews when she isn’t in the mood, and she generally shuts down once she reaches that state of mind. This comes across as arrogant, and even petulant to many. Yes, it is the responsibility of the journalist to direct the interview in a way where that won’t happen if that is indeed the goal. However, this D
  9. Totally...there’s definitely something erratic about her demeanor in these interviews. I have noticed that she’s mostly been quite subdued and almost passive for Madonna in a good deal of them, but this one just made me uncomfortable. There are certain topics that just seem to trigger her, even though they are quite logical questions, and it isn’t like the journalists know what each other has already asked...He had an agenda, but he was smart enough to flatter her immensely with the talk of all she had done to facilitate his own personal freedoms, and the praise he offered regarding the album.
  10. I’d imagine that as no one asked her about the Eurovision performance in any other interview, it probably was listed as topic non grata. He probably breached that agreement, which is why he was immediately shut down. She had ample time to address what he was masking in euphemism. She was clearly aware of it, and her response of staring him down and playing ignorant was as brilliantly defiant as it seemed steeped in foolish pride. That said, she seemed irritable from the beginning. I can’t imagine how dull it must be to do a press junket for two days, but in all honesty she really doesn’t have
  11. Agreed. And PJ Harvey did make a pop album. Two actually. One was called To Bring You My Love, and the other was Stories From the City, Stories From the Sea. I was also happy to hear from Madonna’s mouth that the finger snaps in I Don’t Search are actually sampled from Vogue.
  12. Loved her response to William Orbit’s name being mentioned! She shut that down fast.
  13. I think we were all shocked, in dismay and there was so much invested in the hype that the fallout felt deeply personal. I don’t even remember my perspective at the time anymore other than a feeling of being disappointed, but I agree with you that the performance hindered her promotional rollout enormously. It was a huge misstep. But I still love Future, and wanted so much for it to play universally. We are all fighting over the same thing at the end of the day. We wanted Madonna to be universally embraced and for this to be perceived as an official third-coming, but the new material isn’t get
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