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  1. Wow! I can't believe the size of the damages. Do you think the lawyer did it deliberately? And will he be tried for perjury?
  2. No, that's not all the punishment. They're now going to work out what he owes the victims.
  3. Far right radio host, Alex Jones, lawyer "accidentally" sends all his texts to the lawyers for the parents of Sandy Hook victims.
  4. Yes, they did one based around Madonna's lyrics a couple of years back.
  5. This is interesting. Supposedly, he got to the point of being legally bound to buy it so I'm wondering if he's just going for it hoping they won't sue him for breach of contract.
  6. Of course not but the fact that this guy is going to court will be worrying for them. He must think he has a case. This also includes young people put on puberty blockers. Someone was in the paper recently saying he's now incontinent, infertile and got brittle bones (IIRC) as a result of them and said he wasn't aware of the side effects. It only takes a few cases with large payouts to force change. This is such a minefield of an area that I think we'll see a lot more cases in the future.
  7. One-offs? That's the problem, they're not. There are more and more people coming forward saying they're regretting transitioning. Now the lawsuits are coming which will mean medical institutions will probably not want to perform these kind of operations if it's going to expose them to costly legal action.
  8. 68 mass shootings in June alone! If the sandy hook shooting wasn't enough to change things, I don't know what will be sufficient?
  9. They're very popular in the UK, certainly around where I live. I see them all the time now. I wouldn't go near them. Supposedly terrible after sales service when things go wrong. The blinds also say they do more way more with your data than they say.
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