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  1. Spotlight!!! :inlove:

    You’re back!! Missed you!! Glad you’re LEVITATING along with us! :kiss2:

    1. spotlight


      Thanks Peter

      i had no idea this collaboration was happening till about an hr ago when the video popped up randomly in my YouTube suggested video timeline. I was so surprised and instantly fell in love with this bop. 

      • :inlove::inlove::inlove:
      • :kiss2::kiss2::kiss2:
    2. peter


      What a lovely surprise, right?! It has definitely become my jam the last day or so... I hope you are well — staying safe and healthy during these extremely unusual and difficult times. Was concerned about you! I know life just gets busy (and somehow even busier trying to work around all the pandemic challenges) — glad to see you active on here again. Take care, sweets! :brenspin: xoxo

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