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  1. Apparently both sides have agreed to a temporary ceasefire to release the 50 hostages !
  2. I’ve just seen a heart breaking story on the news by a man whose little girl has been taken hostage by Hemes from her family home in Israel and taken to Gaza. 45 days she’s been gone kidnapped from her own garden. I pray they release the hostages and come to an agreement sooner rather than later.
  3. Hey Svperstar 

    I was at 6040 posts before it went to a newbie. 

  4. Hey svpwrstar !

    Hope your okay 😍

    My account has gone back to being a newbie it happened a few weeks ago now but I’ve been a member for years and I’m now restricted on posting.

    I’d massively appreciate it if you could put my posts back to what they were?

    Sorry to disturb you 


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    2. Confessit


      Thank you so very much ! It will be great to be fully back!


    3. svperstar


      I just fixed it for ya! Do you see it?

    4. Confessit


      Yea thank you so very much !!!! 

  5. Hi  @HolidayGuy

    Hope you are well.

    I see you are staff on here and part of admin I have sent some messages to admin, my account has reverted to a new member.

    But I’ve been here for years and now I am restricted on my account on what I can post and where.

    Im gutted about it I don’t suppose you can kindly look into it for me can you?

    Thanks so much x

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