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  1. Love your avatar + signature! Are you a stargazer as well? :)))

    1. Skin


      Yes. Love me some stars. lol. Its my dream to one day go camping out in the desert in the middle of nowhere under the stars without any light pollution.

    2. Narendra Sen

      Narendra Sen

      Definitely. Me too. I wish I could spend every clear sky night outside looking at the stars. I did that one night a couple of years ago, watching the Perseids. I felt so happy and relaxed.

  2. Your signature :)))) Where is it from?

    1. adreeyen


      The Nekci Menij show. You can see all the episodes on YouTube. :)

  3. Your signature =))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  4. If that's you in your avatar, then DAMN!!

    1. Mensch


      Ha! Thanks! I'm definitely not as cute as som of the guys here. It's all a matter of angles. Lol

      But thank you anyway. I totally appreciate it. ;)

  5. Your signature is everything.

    1. Mat.Guy


      It is! I'm so anxious to watch LAV and LS! I'm saving all to my show! I'm dying!

      25 days to go!

  6. Who's the girl in your avatar/sig? :D

    1. adreeyen


      She's Jonna Lee, the face of the music/art project iamamiwhoami. Check out their stuff in the iamamiwhoami thread in the General Music section. They are AMAZING. It's mainly electronic music, but it's all artful.

  7. MEGA ROTFL @ your signature!! :)))

  8. Happy birthday!!

    You just turned 19?? Wow, I always thought you were 20-21.

    Have a great day!!

  9. Happy birthday, remaster man!! :D

  10. I can't stop looking at your sig. Where is it from?

  11. Happy birthday, baby!! xo

    1. Jairo


      Just saw this. Thank you so much :)

  12. Thank you, baby!! xo

    I didn't know how you look. You're so hot, Bill!

  13. Happy birthday!! :D

  14. Love your new set!!!

  15. Happy birthday!!! :D

  16. OMG Isaac, where are u? U need to see the video ASAP!!!

  17. LOL, no. :)) I'm saying it's heterogeneous, "pretentious" and it looks really good.

    + I kinda enjoyed that movie, as boring as it was. :))

  18. Your new signature is so Tree Of Life-ish. Love it!!

  19. Happy birthday!!!! >:D

  20. I'm really loving your new set - where are the pictures from?

  21. I really like the shot of M in your signature. It's beautiful. Never before seen. :D

  22. (a little late but) Happy birthday!! :D

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