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  1. As if Americans were sitting around discussing Madonna's political views on American Life's release week and whether or not to buy her new album because of it. Who knew she was releasing anything anyway? American Life is only divisive among some drama queens because no one else gave an F either way.
  2. LOL at Timor being thrown in with Rocco's friends.
  3. Much is made about Impressive Instant but I Deserve It is the real standout album track. M has said many times that lyrics are sometimes lifted straight from her journal, this song is pure proof. It reads like a poem.
  4. Ideally I'd like to see her sucking a giant cock this time around.
  5. She allways looks super sexy and experimental between albums. Gurantee you she's in a leotard and fishnets on her next album cover though.
  6. She first mentioned Giovanni's Room way back in 1991. She said she was working on turning it into a movie. Shame she never followed through. That book changed my life too.
  7. Dont know if any were seriously considered but I remember these online: The Immaculate Continuation Multiplatinum Blonde (used in Something To Remember print ads)
  8. Worcester is a "smelly little town" about an hour outside of Boston.
  9. BAT and RIT (because of Democratic convention) were Worcester, no? Its been Boston everything other time though.
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