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  1. Nippy called me last night. She said you lookin do me, boo?

  2. OH YES! As if I would ever leave you guys ;)

  3. You're absolutely right. Those are all hot tracks (especially Cameo's "Candy") but this IS the all time greatest:

  4. Hahaha, yeeeeeeah, I think we did a while back! We kindred spirits boo.

  5. José all the way, anyday! We just need a wind machine now.

  6. His voice is SEXY. Gosh, the 80's had the best male acts. Where'd they all go? I'm growing tired of the current over-abundance of pop whores.

  7. Oh, I love that mix. We need to start a LDLHA petition; it must be incorporated into a tour!

  8. We can make it happen! He's from around here (I know where his mama lives too).

  9. A weave? What for? I aint tryna sweat it out when we makin love.

  10. I'D DIE: "He only got 4 minutes to eat me out!" Madonna and Khia running through the supermarket, dancin in cars, stripping in the bathroom, and a dance break at the end...

  11. I envy you! I miss the haircuts at home, now I spend and hour (and a fortune) just to get my 'hedges trimmed.' Ahahahahaha! Madonna could pen a song about hairdressers:

    "Ill be your one stop. BARBER SHOP."

  12. Fab-u-lus. I Love how she gyrates in the mirror; I do that every single morning. But when it comes to the 80's ladies, its all bout: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t9ktVSSLLBU

    And kudos for the Betty Davis SIG!

  13. Oh Acko, I know Morris very well! You know I like everythang under the sun. Matter of fact, I was singing along to George Clinton & Parliment Funkadelics yesterday at the barber shop, and the old geezers... er... Distinguished Brothas were looking at me like 'Boy whatchu know about that!?'

  14. You know what? I can see a raunchy ass Khia | Madonna collab in the near future.

  15. "Im Italian, so if you wanna step & get wild. i'll take your ass out, MAFIA STYLE."

    This Tarrie B has the mouth of Nicki and the face of Gaga.

  16. Oh, they're all Nicki: I just changed the lyrics & made them relevant to Madonna. But thank you anyway, my kind sir. :)

  17. Coincedence: My father & I we're watching Cameo videos last night!

  18. Hey, I know that song! Its been sampled A LOT! Loom, you need a blog of your music finds.

  19. P-P-P-P-Put some douche in your ass if you SHITTED ON EM.

  20. She's awesome. It's as if Deee-lite's Lady Keir started rapping!

  21. We must!!! I'll get my playlist in order and my outfit ready.

    And yeah, those in GODtina's thread are an odd bunch. Pray for them!

  22. "Put my house... IN ORDERRRR."

    That is all kinds of fab. That dated, yet hot beat. The 90's-tastic video. Are we returning to real house music, Acko?

  23. Thank you! The whole 'let's post like bitchy queens' philosophy reigns supreme on this board.

    Oh well, People on the internet are starnge aren't they?

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