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  1. Welcome to the site dedicated to the Queen Of Pop!! The most successful female artist in recorded music history! You share the same birthday as a good friend of mine. Hopefully you're just as fabulous! Look forward to seein you around! ;-)

  2. *heart* u Peter! :-D

  3. You're too fine to be such a HATER! ;)

  4. I hope you are having a great week so far!! :)

  5. Good morning :-)

    Happy weekend!!

  6. I was on MMad but I didn't participate in the craziness....just read it. lol I just remember Robster being very informative. I always wondered if that poster Tommeboi was real or not...seemed so OTT. lol. Good times! :-D

  7. ;-) Hello beautiful stranger!

  8. Thanks for the add!! :-D

  9. LMAO! Ms. Baker knows best. :)

  10. You rock! Madonna AND Sleepaway Camp. Oh I think we could talk for hours...lol :-)

  11. Just wanted to say ur 5 stars!! You BRING IT with those pics in the thread in the lounge! It's like christmas every morning! :-)


  12. lol...it's true! we need some sanity to balance out the insanity around here

  13. Glad to see you back around!! :)

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