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  1. Cher - With Care

    1. GOD


      You can't ride in my little red wagon..

      The front seat's broken and the axel's dragin'

      You can't step to this backyard swagger

      You know it ain't my fault when I'm walkin' jaws droppin' like





    2. Ai Papi Si.

      Ai Papi Si.

      lmao at you quoting a country song

  2. Yes please! Come to St Petersburg!

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    2. Ai Papi Si.

      Ai Papi Si.

      I'm all over FL. lol. You came last year, you can come again!

    3. Starman


      i can sleep in ur sofa and make sandwhiches for breakfast hehe

    4. Ai Papi Si.

      Ai Papi Si.

      Wow that sounds great lol

  3. Yukatan my neigh, Asda be around, May Day I lepshin shoo me doubt, consider bountiful critter without bountiful phase, bountiful critter Enya won't lean a tray.

  4. *sits at mic booth, tilts head back, closes eyes for the VOCALTASTICATIONS* SAAAAAAIIIIIUUUUVE ALL YOUR LUVUP FOR ME *screech*

    1. Apples388


      We CAAN escape it all.... Give me AOOOOOOOVERYTHING That you hAEEOOVVE.

      Oh GWEN! Such a SHIT piece of SHIT!!!

  5. Cuts your work in/ Billing a nursery/Holt & Hawn/ Holt & Higgin! (Sarah Mclachlan tastications?)

  6. G! A! R! Garretta! Twen! Ty! One! You drunka? (HAPPY BIRTHDAY MadPoon! Ugh we love you so much...)

    1. MadFan


      awwwww I just saw this. 12! 5! 1! Miguela. Edinburgh MDNA Tour 2012! Your fantastic mama.

  7. OH HUNTY...

    1. Kim



  8. Are you John? Are you solo? -- :rotfl:

  9. Major LOLs. This lyric alterationtastica thing we have going is just too much. Ugh I love us.

    1. Apples388


      IKR (The EP)!!! Let's not forget our normal speech alternationatastications as well. YOOZ YOOZ!!! - DEAD -

  10. Huh, me, lake you marry? Till Mia that you war me? Spin your loaf on me Spin your loaf on me Now you hunt your worry? Spin it tell you're Norway Spin your loaf on me Spin your loaf on me

    1. Apples388


      Huh, me? Like, you manly?

      Till mid night you hull me?

      Spin your load of beef

      Spit your load on me

      No! Yule have your many?

      Spine it till there's Nonni

      Spin your loaf on me

      Spit your lad on me

      (NEW REMIX 2013!!!!))

    2. Apples388


      And I think we need a thread to celebrate the language of MigMig/Suede/Cubb..

      YOOZ YOOOOOZ!!!!

  11. "But those MOTHERS out there... they're like CHEEZ WHIZ"

    1. Apples388


      Take a KAYAK!!!

  12. Do you think his strawberry bushel contains toilet paper bits? Ugh!

    1. Apples388


      OMG MigMig!! You're paying tribute to LOVE SPENT lyrical tastications in your new sig! Dying right now?!!!?!?

  13. Ugh I've missed you so much!!

  14. So would this have been indicativetastica of the direction the aborted post-E pre-BS Shep-heavy El-Pea would have sounded lawwk?

    1. Ai Papi Si.

      Ai Papi Si.

      "But those MOTHERS out there... they're like CHEEZ WHIZ"

  15. Whore, did you watch my NYC video or what? I hope you picked out the lube!

  16. I agree with Whoopsie... shame you're a fellow top! I'd hit that!

  17. Well?! Did you watch my NYC video or not?!

    1. Skin


      No. You posted it?

  18. That sounds like a chill, hilarious weekend to me!

  19. UGH I LOVE YOU!!

    1. hyper


      UGH - no nudie pix then :flirt:

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  20. Look at you cybering all over your profile. That's ok. I'm figuring out which Mnation member I'm gonna DP you with.

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