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  1. I so want them back too! I want them back so badly (in Vinyl and CD-maxi)
  2. It looks like there will be a part 3 as there are at least 1 remix that is not out yet:
  3. YES! YES! YES! Hope those are good remixes! The names look very promising!
  4. Let that be true! Indeed! Those remixes should have been serviced to Clubs today!
  5. You did? I already read rumors with this pic saying it would be out on March on Record Store day and that Madonna was performing the song at the Brit Awards... I so wanted all that to be true...
  6. Doesn't Beyoncé have 27 Grammys or whatever and another 4 nominations this year? What other proof we need that anyone can buy a Grammy? Madonna already said Awards are overrated and she refuses to pay for them.
  7. Yes, but before she sang it live in Zurich Here she only sang a few seconds at the time together with this other song (Bola Rebola) starting here until the end of the song:
  8. It's a great image but she is with an accordion, not a guitar It can still be used... would give a great SINGLE COVER for CRAZY
  9. For sure! MDNA and Rebel Heart had lots of great dance songs that were missed opportunities for remixes and Dance Charts #01 songs. When "Crave" get to #01 on the dance chart will be her 9th song to do that this decade from 9 songs promoted to the Clubs this decade (so 100% would have been #01). With the huge climbs the song is having the release date for remixes on digital they are doing it all right for it to be #01 in about 3/4 weeks at most.
  10. It just proves how relevant she still is and how much she still got it But we already knew that, didn't we?
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