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  1. Masterpiece should have been the first single... and since it wasn't should have been the second single as Radio Stations were playing it all over the world. Then GGW would be third single and TUTR fourth and that would have worked really fine and Masterpiece would have been the best selling single and greatest airplay single from this album.
  2. I hope she goes there and performers! What ever she performs is good for me! "Girls Gone Wild" could have a "payola" bust by the radios that are associated with the Tour playing it hourly because of the pre-tour performance... during those days with some radio airplay and with the performance it would probably get inside HOT 100 as most people didn't even heard the song yet in US... Or a new single for all that matters!
  3. US - 300.000 / 350.000 Worldwide - 850.000 / 900.000
  4. It should have a proper video and single release... and having already a Golden Globe on it's back would probably work out as good buzz for the song as a single...
  5. But it gives it an extra something... I mean... It helps the feeling of a good girl gone wild
  6. These guys on heels are the "girls that just want to have fun" She is the "Girl Gone Wild"
  7. I subscribe... excepting "American Life" (censored version) - this was also a great video.
  8. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!!!!! Oh My God!!!! It's her best video in YEEEEAAAARRRSSS!!!! She Moves! She Poses! She Dances! She Flirts! She is a Provocateur! She is Hot! She is Wild! She is Erotica! She is in Vogue again!
  9. But those remixes are not yet available, are they? It could be worldwide too... It's weird if the single is out the same day as the album as one pre-order both and get them on the same day...
  10. Relax baby... we know you're not haters... you're just negative... try to be a little more positive and life will smile a bit more for you Just enjoy the new songs and let sales worries for her manager and her team. I'm certain they are working it out As I said when the physical single is out and the album will be a week away then she will rise up UK charts again. You just have to relax and feel the music I'm not saying these are Madonna best songs but I f*cking enjoy listening and dancing to them
  11. Hey-y-Hey-y-Hey Hey-y-Hey-y-Hey Like a girl gone wild A good girld gone wild She is MADONNA for God Sake! And write this down: GMAYL didn't hit it's UK peak yet! I saw "...the writing on the wall"
  12. Was DAD available commercially as a single or only Maxi-Single???
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