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  1. I so want them back too! I want them back so badly (in Vinyl and CD-maxi)
  2. It looks like there will be a part 3 as there are at least 1 remix that is not out yet:
  3. YES! YES! YES! Hope those are good remixes! The names look very promising!
  4. Let that be true! Indeed! Those remixes should have been serviced to Clubs today!
  5. You did? I already read rumors with this pic saying it would be out on March on Record Store day and that Madonna was performing the song at the Brit Awards... I so wanted all that to be true...
  6. Doesn't Beyoncé have 27 Grammys or whatever and another 4 nominations this year? What other proof we need that anyone can buy a Grammy? Madonna already said Awards are overrated and she refuses to pay for them.
  7. Yes, but before she sang it live in Zurich Here she only sang a few seconds at the time together with this other song (Bola Rebola) starting here until the end of the song:
  8. It's a great image but she is with an accordion, not a guitar It can still be used... would give a great SINGLE COVER for CRAZY
  9. For sure! MDNA and Rebel Heart had lots of great dance songs that were missed opportunities for remixes and Dance Charts #01 songs. When "Crave" get to #01 on the dance chart will be her 9th song to do that this decade from 9 songs promoted to the Clubs this decade (so 100% would have been #01). With the huge climbs the song is having the release date for remixes on digital they are doing it all right for it to be #01 in about 3/4 weeks at most.
  10. It just proves how relevant she still is and how much she still got it But we already knew that, didn't we?
  11. I love all MUSIC photos too... let's just hope she will have amazing pictures for this era too!!! :lightbulb:
  12. Masterpiece should have been the first single... and since it wasn't should have been the second single as Radio Stations were playing it all over the world. Then GGW would be third single and TUTR fourth and that would have worked really fine and Masterpiece would have been the best selling single and greatest airplay single from this album.
  13. Weren't those the fake fans from Le Penn party sympathizers?
  14. Oh My God!!! Right in time! Already saying "Please Stand By for The Start of the Event"
  15. I just found some news that Hyde Park Madonna concert initially had 80.000 tickets available!!!!!
  16. How many people will the Hyde Park concert have? 70.000? More?
  17. Vetiver, great video!!! Thanks!! The stage coming to live in Coimbra footage! Just found this right now! Great editing!
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