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  1. Madonna seems to get eradicated from a good deal of music articles at the moment when it seems more than obvious she should be referenced. I guess it’s just not her moment, and these other artists that have been considered irrelevant for years seem to be getting re-evaluated. It’s akin to revisionism, but that’s what people do I guess.
  2. It really depends on what type of music you are talking about. Barbra Streisand has recorded many albums that are fan and public favorites post-40. Tina Turner too. Streisand also has maintained a huge diehard fanbase for decades. Very few manage that, and as she is 76, I imagine her fanbase has aged or started to die off. We now live in an incredibly youth-oriented culture, and adults do not want to mature...it used to be just homosexuals that nurtured the Peter Pan syndrome, but now the straights are all over it. Even when they have children. It’s abysmal. You see 40 + people dressed the same as 15 year olds, and they listen to the same music. There’s also a lack of reverence for loyalty, we encourage disposability, and what happened two years ago is considered of no interest or value. It’s all gonna explode in everyone’s face at some point. The mental illness from unsatiated and insatiable narcissism will be so toxic we won’t know what to do. But don’t let me rain on anyone’s parade.
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