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  1. I don't think this is a joking matter she will drop dead soon if we send energy her way
  2. The album is doing amazingly well. Sick of all the debbie downers.
  3. Her best video in years! Can you imagine Kylie doing this?
  4. As a rape victim i stand with madonna Maybe we can get something trending to support M
  5. At the very least 1% of those 180M people will buy Madame X and we should have a massive hit on our hands!
  6. I've been going to bed crying every night since saturday because the hate and the mob mentality is getting me down..we need this album to be number 1 so we can lift madonna and each other up
  7. I don''t understand why Madonna keeps Quavo and the likes of Lil Wayne around her, etc. I thought she didn't suffer fools gladly but these idiots can barely string a sentence together, look present, are homophobic, bigoted and Quavo did her massive disservice yesterday - couldn't name a single songs of hers except the one he's already on and delivered Mariah level shade "my mom grew up listening to her".
  8. The song will be number 1 by the weekend as the general public hears about the holograms.
  9. I'm playing that youtube playlist on my ipad, phone, laptop, tv and playstion. I hope they don't track it by IP
  10. report taylor swift's new video on youtube so we can get it taken down
  11. Great to see the exposure across the playlists, not long until the song is top 10 WW.
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