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  1. Yes I'm quite sure True Blue was, that album raises the bar pretty high when it comes to sound LAV would have been analogue too if it wasn't for Nile Rodgers making it one of the first albums recorded digitally
  2. I believe True Blue and I think I'm Breathless
  3. This looks promising! Was hoping to get those four + Hounds of Love on vinyl after recently picking up her brother's book which I thought was beautiful
  4. Are there more LFL demos out there aside from the first 2 (4:13 & 4:40)?
  5. I totally agree. The titles would have appeared stronger without the red, I can also do without the 2 colored close ups as those pages don't flow too well with the rest.
  6. try this link https://playerbeta.siriusxm.com/#/main
  7. I like a shorter album to listen to on repeat so I narrowed down the track list to 16 songs: Living For Love (Demo 2) Unapologetic Bitch Illuminati Hold Tight Ghosttown Iconic Holy Water Inside Out Wash All Over Me Veni Vidi Vici Addicted Queen Borrowed Time Tragic Girl Beautiful Scars (album version, really grown on me) Rebel Heart
  8. coco


    Is there a non-pixelated HD rip available?
  9. She was incredible, this is classic Madonna I can't stop watching!!!
  10. coco


    Is it just me or the red parts are pixelated even at 1080p?