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  1. And yet she doesn't look anywhere near 60, not even 50..... Timeless beauty
  2. It isn't the first time she's been so OBESE though?
  3. Thank you FUCK IT!!!!!!!! LOVED the moves and shocking how this song still sounds so fresh
  4. Loved it She sounded great and looks incredible Still couldn't find any decent recording of American Life
  5. hold up....WHAT? have you watched the videos? performances? etc...?
  6. This needs to be pinned somewhere tbh A reminder of what we've been blessed with so far: dfgdgfgsgsdfgslkjlk
  7. Thought it's just me, I can't either. Says "publishing in progress"
  8. Not at all I love her pushing people's buttons and her unfiltered moments make the best interviews
  9. That's how I feel too. For repeat listens IDSIF gets my vote, smooth and soothing is a great way to describe it and I know it'll find its way into all my future playlists.
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