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  1. No nominations in any category. Not surprised, but almost unbelievable given the quality of her output this era. Here’s the full list: https://www.billboard.com/articles/news/awards/8523471/2019-mtv-vma-nominations-video-music-awards-ariana-grande-taylor-swift
  2. Madonna to launch exclusive SiriusXM Channel June 28, 2019 SiriusXM announced today that Madonna will launch an exclusive limited-run SiriusXM music channel, “Madonna’s Madame X Radio,” on Monday, July 1. Madonna’s Madame X Radio will showcase music from Madonna’s globally-celebrated, multi-award-winning and legendary career, including her critically-acclaimed latest ninth No. 1 album Madame X. The channel will also feature exclusive stories from Madame X and chronicles her legacy, the making of her songs and her commitment to bringing the world closer through the exploration
  3. This is the most disturbing video (aside from the original AL video) that she has ever released. Wow—impeccably crafted.
  4. If she’s wanting press in the US, it’s an unfortunate day for her to release, as tonight is the first debate with the Democrats running for President. That will consume the news cycle for days.
  5. Extra runs in the evening here in the states. It’s only 12:22 pm in NYC right now. So if true, it’ll be at 7:30 pm ET.
  6. If she continues posting teasers at her current rate, we will be able to piece together the entire video by end of day tomorrow.
  7. Because it reminds them of Candy Shop—her greatest and most acclaimed song.
  8. Expectation: God Control video news Reality: 4 pages of arguing
  9. Drudge Report carrying a rare positive article regarding Madonna (normally he uses Roger Friedman’s)
  10. Probably so that they can say that the album was “sold and paid for”
  11. Vote for Medellin here — it’s in 2nd place https://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/latin/8516977/favorite-spanglish-song-2019-poll
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