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Former Republican Lawmaker Aaron Schock Has Come Out As Gay

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7 hours ago, ULIZOS said:

Horrible person. Sucks that he was forgiven instantly by the LGBT+ community for merely being attractive (and not black). 

Let's be real; most gay men don't even know who he is, what he did or what his "personal transformation" was. They're too busy hooking up with complete strangers, buying Rhianna's makeup or still stanning Gaga or Britney on Twitter to concern themselves with their civil rights and who's trying to deny or take them away.

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On 3/5/2020 at 11:35 PM, ctg12 said:

No thanks. 

Not into the self-loathing, self-serving living a double life gay. He’s vile. 

Same. Of course he's a (slimy) fuckable meaty shell. But beneath all that pulsates a high maintenance, drama, shallow, smug af hollowness w/ ZERO substance etc...Not seeing/sensing any inner hot/ sexy in the least. Another dime/dozen pumped up circuit party douche you'd see huddled together w/ his ice queen muscle boy clique crew (all backs turned to everyone like their $hit don't stink) yapping about the most frivolous, asinine rubbish. lol Again, maybe a fun fuq for a night drunk, high or wherever but wake up next a.m. and you'd part ways asap lol. Totally non date-able, awful man.  

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On 3/5/2020 at 11:30 PM, horn said:


Actually do NOT find this sexy at all lol. Technically a better looking, more manly/rugged, beefy version of Beiber or Zac Efron. Self loathing, self obsessed yet feels it's never enough- still feels like Olive Oil or Fat Albert on the inside. 

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Sorry, I love you all and I don't want to single you out, but there are an endless amount of perfectly chiseled gay white men that look just like this guy. Why adulate this piece of shit? 

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