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Congratulations to Rafael Nadal

Jazzy Jan

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Adore him.  Such a great player. 19 Grand slams and always is respectful, fair and wonderful to fans , his opponents and officials.  Such a tennis legend. 

 One of my friends met him at the airport in Melbourne and  she said he gave her his autograph, was charming and kind and even posed for a photo with her. 

Plus his smile lights up his face in a way that I find beautiful.   

He is so emotional here.  Shows just how passionate he is about the game. 



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i love him too - i am a huge huge fan. I always try to see him play at the Aussie Open and the US Open each year. i saw him twice this year in NY but didn’t go to the final. What a rollercoaster of a match, but Rafa held on in the end! Vamos!!

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Incredible match! I also met him and my arm was injured and he spoke to us for about 20 minutes. Such a humble sweet man ans he’s more handsome in person. Incredible athlete and plays like he is broke. 

Even when he loses tight 5 setters he signs and talks with fans you don’t even see that with Roger federer when he loses.

congrats Rafa! Here is to more slams! Surely he has more in him!

19 wow. 1 behind Federer!

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