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Madame X: Favorite & Unfavorite Tracks?

Madame X: Favorite & Unfavorite Tracks?  

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  1. 1. Favorite Tracks?

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Favorites: God Control, Killers, Extreme Occident and Faz Gostoso

Least favorites: Crave, Come Alive and Looking for Mercy

But to be fair, I have to say I like my least favorite from this album better than my favorite from Rebel Heart.

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I Don't Search I Find

Faz Gostoso 


God Control


This record is brilliant! Can't get enough!

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The worst: Come Alive, Extreme Occident, Batuka (very boring, i skip all the time).

The best: God Control (psychedelic trip), Looking for Mercy (epic drama), Crave (cute to sing along) and Faz Gostoso (the most mainstream club track)

Overall this album is 50/50. There is not an obvious hit song, its an experimental album, clearly not a traditional pop album.

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Love the album but why on earth did she put something as horrible as Bitch I’m Loca on it, it’s cringe and messy and she’s done it too many times this decade. Ciao Bella should’ve been on the standard edition. 

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My least favorite ones:

1. Bitch I'm Loca: Too much loudness and not enough flow for my taste. I skip this one every time.

2. Faz Gostoso: Maybe I'll warm up to this one, but I guess it's a language thing too. It sounds a bit like a Jennifer Lopez song to me LOL

3. Future: Monotonous...I was never a fan of this one really. It's alright, but I can take it or leave it.

The best ones:

1. God Control: Brilliant song. Layers upon layers. It gets better every listen. She created an incredible story here.

2. I Don't Search I Find. A hook filled dance classic. Love the 70s disco sound.

3. Crave. Such a hook filled, sing along, chill song. A classic Madonna song which immediately sounds like a hit

4. Batuka. An unusual song filled with many layers, again. It's catchy af and I am in love with the violin ending. WOW

5. Come Alive: This song gets better each listen. A real dance track.

The album is getting better overall, each time I hear it. 

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Guest eroticerotic

Favorite/most played

now that I’ve discovered Ciao Bella that’s currently #1 for me

i don’t search I find

extreme occident


faz gostozo

dark ballet



looking for mercy

killers who are partying

god control

come alive



least/have not listened to since their release or in a while


bitch I’m loca

i rise


i still think Medellín is really nice but I’m not a huge fan of Maluma so i kinda just skip it now


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I Love:
Looking for Mercy
God Control
I Don't Search I Find
Killers Who Are Partying
Come Alive
Dark Ballet
Extreme Occident

I'm ok with:
I Rise

I really dislike:
Faz Gostosa
Bitch I'm Loca

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