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  1. Why do you rate the videos so highly? Nobody’s really giving reasons.
  2. None of the videos for this album come close to cracking her top ten (or even top twenty), but I don’t think it’s fair to compare these videos to the others in her catalog. Each one feels like a small painted stone in a mosaic; viewed separately, they’re fairly pedestrian, especially for her; viewed together, you begin to see the motifs. I think once we have all the videos we’ll be debating what order to watch them in.
  3. I think the people who don’t like “Batuka” don’t like it because there’s no chorus. It doesn’t follow a traditional song structure. That’s what I love about it. It only moves forward, never circulating back on itself. It’s what I want “Extreme Occident” to do. When the song dissolves into Middle Eastern instrumentation and she sings “no, I wasn’t lost...” I want the song to come apart at the seams, get messy, build in intensity as she ad libs over the beat in that same delirious voice. Instead, it recirculates, reconstitutes its form. Could have been a masterpiece.
  4. 1. God Control 2. Come Alive 3. I Don’t Search, I Find 4. Crave 5. Crazy
  5. I know you’re kidding, but on a serious note, “Crazy,” for me, is about drawing a boundary with someone you’re dating who likes to play games with your head and heart. It’s about self-protection. I really like that theme.
  6. I really like the order of tracks, especially the middle of the album, but “Medellín” is way out of place leading into “Dark Ballet” and “God Control.” Such a jarring transition. I have a feeling the tour will open with “God Control” so...: 1. God Control 2. Dark Ballet 3. Future 4. Batuka 5. 6. Crave 7. Crazy 8. Medellín 9. Come Alive 10. Faz Gostoso 11. Bitch I’m Loca 12. Looking for Mercy 13. I Rise Really don’t know what to do with “IDSIF” either.
  7. I feel like I had this weird dream where Madonna fans were really into this fine-okay track off the album and then I woke up and was like “Oh, whew.” Except the last part.
  8. 1. God Control 2. Come Alive 3. I Don’t Search, I Find 4. Crave 5. Medellín
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