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Madame X formats/boxset Revealed!

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New thread! :dramatic: 


Deluxe Boxset
- 2CD Deluxe Hardcover
- Limited Deluxe MC Album
- 7" Picture Disc
- Poster
- Tattoo sheet
Catalog#: 0602577619922
Price: 74.99€


Other confirmed version:

Madame X (1CD in Jewel Case + Booklet) - (CD) 17.99€

Madame X (2 CD Deluxe Hardcover with 32 pages booklet) - (CD) 24.99€

Madame X (Vinyl) 31.99€

Madame X (Deluxe Cassette) 15.99€

Madame X (Target edition - 2 CD Deluxe with extra 2 tracks)



- Rainbow 12" Vinyl

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I think this is the most beautiful box set I've seen her do - I was too young to appreciate the Royal Box but I remember seeing it at a book store and begged my sister to buy it for me and she didn't! LOL 

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10 minutes ago, robster said:


Love it! I hope this cover is the standard and the stitched lips one is the vinyl. In the UK most people buy their physical copies in supermarkets who only carry the standard versions of releases. I can't see them rushing to stock an album cover with her lips sown up. I'm loving everything about this era!!!!!

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Format we know so far

1. Standard CD - 12 tracks

2. Deluxe CD - 15 tracks

3. 2CD Deluxe CD

4. 2CD Deluxe CD hardcover with 32 pages booklet

5. Deluxe Boxset

6. LP

7. Rainbow Picture LP

8. Deluxe Cassette


I wonder if (3) & (4) are actually referring to the same thing?

Does the Deluxe boxset has both (3) or (4) + (8)?


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