49995132_1976104732436940_51644782005798The rumors have been doing its rounds for quite a while now. 

So many questionmarks, theories and ideas! We know that Madonna had a meeting with Netflix this past Summer, but never found out (yet) what it was about. She’s been recording her new studio album for a while now, really taking her time. 

On various occasions Madonna was spotted with a camera man, many events have been profesionally filmed, what’s it for? Is Madonna working on a documentary including the process of recording her new studio album? Is it something entirely different like releasing a visual album to be shown on Netflix?

‘think outside of the box’

Let’s get our facts straight; MDNA and Rebel Heart both failed to be a commercial success. Her last hit in the charts globally was ‘Celebration’ with Warner Music in 2009. Maybe she’s chosen a different route this time, maybe she’s trying something very new.

Speculating comes with each new era, and it’s fun to do so. Make sure ‘soon’ is really soon though Lady M!


Nothing new here, but decided to post it here anyways.