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Mexico's Fatal Earthquake


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Walking 5 blocks from my house I found this in between two completely destroyed buildings, there's supposed to be 40/50 people trapped in one of them. 

it was a very strong thing to watch and the same time an odd sensation like things happening in another dimension, like one of those end of the world movies, but it was an extreme real life situation. 


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If the data of CONAGO is true, there are 55 thousand houses completely destroyed in the country (33 thousand only in Chiapas and Oaxaca). This is equivalent to 250,000 homeless people in Mexico ...


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9 minutes ago, promise to try said:

this is so sad and scary

💔 I know, I haven't been able to go to my university for two weeks now, the school is ok but the zone is affected so until the government gives green light... but this is really the least of the problems... 

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5 hours ago, Sky Fits Heaven said:

How's Mexico doing, @Pedro?

Hola @Sky Fits Heaven I guess things are still very fresh in everybody’s mind, it’s all that people talk about and it’s in the news 24/7, tonight the seismic alarm went off in my university and we were evacuated, the general feeling was: oh not again please, but it was just the schools alarm and nothing happened outside, don’t know why that happened. 

There’s a feeling of unity in the general consciousness and Mexicans feel very united, the government and the media have been heavily exposed as very corrupt organizations, not that we didn’t know that but things were very evident with social media. 

They are going to demolish 1000 buildings so many families are still going to be affected. 

Thank u for asking. :inlove: :brenspin:

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