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AdultFriendFinder Hacked: 412m users data stolen


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The personal details of millions who signed up to a sex hook-up website in the past 20 years have been exposed in one of the largest ever data breaches. 

The email addresses and passwords of 412 million accounts have been leaked after the meet-up website Adult Friend Finder and sister sites were hacked. At least 5.2 million UK email addresses were stolen in the breach, which also included the date of last visit, browser information, some purchasing patterns. 

Adult Friend Finder describes itself as "one of the world's largest sex hook-up" websites, with more than 40 million active users. The hack, against its parent company Friend Finder Networks, also involved data from Cams.com, a live video sex site, and Penthouse.com, an internet porn site that was sold in February. 

The attack, discovered by hack monitoring site Leaked Source, occurred in October and is one of the biggest on record, following closely behind Yahoo, which recently reported the loss of half a billion users' details. It eclipses last year's Ashley Madison hack, in which the personal information and sexual preferences of 37 million people were exposed. 

It is not clear who is behind the breach of Friend Finder Networks, a California-based company. 

Weak and outdated website security allowed cyber criminals to access the Adult Friend Finder information, Leaked Source said. The passwords and usernames were stored in a way that is easily decoded, meaning 99 per cent of those stolen were legible to the hackers. 

"Passwords were stored by Friend Finder Networks either in plan visible format or SHA1 hashed. Neither method is considered secure by any stretch of the imagination," said Leaked Source. 

The stolen data included the details of 15 million accounts that had been deleted by the users but remained on the company's servers.


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2 hours ago, ULIZOS said:

I hope Trump has an account.

He probably hooked up with Hilary. Ooooooh baby, whisper those sweet policies in my ears Hilary whilst I grab the pussy... 

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13 minutes ago, Ivy said:

Lesbian? Maybe that's why Rosie O'Donnel is always so angry, because she cannot get the Hilary pussy or her attention the way trump can? 

Yes. I read about it in a reliable magazine. The Globe or something like that.

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