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OPENING NIGHT thread: Live from Montreal! Updates in real time (part 2)


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Woohoo Messiah is there!!! And thank god Candy Shop is only a medley with Music!! Everything makes SO much more sense right now!

Having said that, I definitely need to take a nap now :sneaky: I think I was already falling asleep some mins ago :sneaky: But I'll try to tune back in somewhen during the show. God it's going to be so exciting!

Messiah!! :tigger: I think I might pass out soon. Sweet dreams :)

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19 songs confirmed on the setlist from the tourbook, it's possible that more songs are on the setlist just without specific backdrop videos!!!

1. Iconic

2. Burning Up

3. Holy Water/Vogue

4. Messiah

5. Body Shop

6. True Blue

7. Music/Candy Shop

8. Holiday

9. Deeper & Deeper

10. Heartbreak City

11. Dress You Up

12. La Isla Bonita

13. Bitch I'm Madonna

14. Rebel Heart

15. Devil Pray

16. Like a Virgin

17. S.E.X.

18. Living For Love

19. Illuminati



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The fact that 19 songs are credited doesn't mean that it's the full setlist. More songs are probably on there! Btw, the songs are not in chronological order, they are grouped by their production companies, so we still have no clue what the running order will be like!

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