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OPENING NIGHT THREAD: Live from Montreal - updates in real time.. (part 1)

Platinum Gold

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OMG rockabilly meets Tokyo. Amazing

Yes, I love that one! That one is the most me in how I personally like to dress. I think I will try to do that look for the show, rather than the flapper one.

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News of M posted the setlist without Ghosttown & Deeper And Deeper:


Bitch I'm Madonna
Burning Up
Holy Water
Vogue (+Holy water)
Devil Pray
Body Shop
True Blue
HeartBreak City - Love Don't Live Here Anymore
SEX (Justify My Love)
Living For Love
La Isla Bonita
Music (Get Stupid)
La Vie En Rose
Candy Shop
Who's That Girl
Rebel Heart
Material Girl
Unapologetic Bitch

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Mdna tel aviv


And sticky

Last day rehearsal were all done in full seisy order

Why would she change now

yeah why would she not do a full run through of the show in complete correct setlist order 24 hours before the show? This is Madonna we're speaking about :lol:

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